Ring Chime release

I purchased a Ring Chime Pro on Ebay, first mistake, stated NEW condition> I attempted to connect it to my network and got error stating it’s still connected to another users network?

Rind told the Ebay seller to have me contact them so they could start the needed process. I submitted copies or receipt fromEbay showing my purchase and now they saytheir policy will NOT allow them to remove from previous owners network!

Any HELP ??

Sorry to hear about your experience @kello ! As we value the security of all our neighbors, when a device changes owner, there is a change of ownership procedure. It’s as quick as an email to the previous account holder, whom should then remove this device upon request. It can sometimes take a little time, so we recommend retrying a setup again to see if ownership has been transferred.

If not, please feel free to email deviceowner@ring.com for further assistance. Thank you!

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Thank You, I just experienced the same problem with an Ebay purchase. I have just emailed the seller but for all I know that person may have just been “selling it forward”. If I do not here back from the seller I will contact Ring


Have you received any help from Ring?

I have the same problem, emailed them last weekend. Have gotten no reply whatsoever, talked to a Ring CS Associate yesterday (10/30) and he said they got the email with pictures of my device and he would look into it and I will get an email to acknowledge. Nothing.

You can see why this would happen. A Ring device is registered to a customer. Someone steals it and then tries to register it to their account. It makes sense that the original owner would need to “release” the product first. Anyone could make an eBay receipt, or steal a product and sell it on eBay. Seems to me your complaint needs to be with the eBay seller for selling a “new” product that was not. As a customer, I am glad Ring has a strict policy on this. It might deter a few theives.


Agreed. Seller on eBay needs to be the one contacted and if no action is taken, report them to eBay Customer Service.

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