Ring Chime Pro - option to work with sensors on windows and doors

I have a detached garage that is just 20 feet from the house. I spend a decent amount of time in it, and I have a Ring range extender in the garage, Ring camera in the garage, and Ring sensors on all the doors and windows in the garage. However, whenever a door is opened in the main house or in the detached garage, the chime is only heard in the main house at the base. I would like to be able to put a Ring Chime Pro in the garage and have it chime not only from the doorbell or the floodlight cameras, but also when a window or door is opened to the Ring system. As soon as that feature is available, I will be ordering a Chime Pro. A Chime Pro would also be helpful in the basement of the house because the chime from the base can barely be heard in the basement.


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It seems pretty silly this isn’t already a part of the extender - the whole idea is to extend WiFi and hear doorbell rings. Why wouldn’t sensors be a part of that functionality?

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Yes, this is the purpose for which we purchased the chime pro and it doesnt do what we expected as a wifi extender. Our garage windows still show poor connection. Only option to link is 3 cameras and doorbell.

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Same problem here. I want to be alerted via Chime Pro when a door is opened. Seems silly that I need to buy another keypad to have a way to hear chimes when I am out of earshot of the base station.

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Is Chime Pro any good? I was thinking about boosting my Wi Fi because one of my spotlight cams at the front of the house has a poor signal. The one at the back, the video doorbell 3 and the chime all work fine, but I need a boost for the front. I was considering buying a TP Link AC1750 range extender and I just need some unbiased advice

I agree that this should defiantly be a part of the features that Ring offers. I am using this for my business and purchased a Charm Pro thinking I could put it in my cooler so the employee could hear when a customer comes in the store. I was very disappointed to get the device in today and realize it would not work the way I hoped. Now I will be returning it.

This is a common sense feature that should be added to the Chime’s capabilities. It should simply be a matter of updating the software to allow this. Hopefully, Ring will enable this function soon as my Chime Pro is currently sitting unused. I would like to be able to hear upstairs when the windows and doors downstairs are opened using my existing devices (Chime Pro) without needing to purchase an additional keypad.

My wife has been working from home since COVID and we got Ring security because of this and while we’re out. She likes the sound alerts by the base station when our kids go in and out the house and watch them using the cameras after. Thought it would be wise to add the Chime Pro for a peace of mind item since my wife is hardly downstairs while working upstairs. She also doesn’t set the alarm everytime while home either because she has to let the dog out and got sick of disarming the alarm.

Sadly, unlike the base station that alerts when doors are opened, the chime pro can only link to the cameras and doorbell. Would be nice if the Chime Pro could link to the door sensors as well and sound alert when doors are opened. I thought that was a standard feature of the Chime Pro, makes sense to me but sadly it isn’t. Yet, a year later after the OP and others mentioned the same concern and request, this still hasn’t got a firmware update to provide. Heck, it would be a good selling point too as an exclusive Chime Pro feature. I’ll give Ring one week before returning as it’s pretty much a useless item and just a night light at this point…

I’ll be sure to provide a review too to mention to others to stay away from this product in the Ring line.

Was checking back on this post to see if the request had been acknowledged by the Ring folks. Sad to see this hasn’t gotten any attention.