Ring Chime Pro - option to work with sensors on windows and doors

I have a detached garage that is just 20 feet from the house. I spend a decent amount of time in it, and I have a Ring range extender in the garage, Ring camera in the garage, and Ring sensors on all the doors and windows in the garage. However, whenever a door is opened in the main house or in the detached garage, the chime is only heard in the main house at the base. I would like to be able to put a Ring Chime Pro in the garage and have it chime not only from the doorbell or the floodlight cameras, but also when a window or door is opened to the Ring system. As soon as that feature is available, I will be ordering a Chime Pro. A Chime Pro would also be helpful in the basement of the house because the chime from the base can barely be heard in the basement.


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It seems pretty silly this isn’t already a part of the extender - the whole idea is to extend WiFi and hear doorbell rings. Why wouldn’t sensors be a part of that functionality?

Yes, this is the purpose for which we purchased the chime pro and it doesnt do what we expected as a wifi extender. Our garage windows still show poor connection. Only option to link is 3 cameras and doorbell.