Ring Chime Pro "Motion Detected" Sound Notification Request

Can Ring please add a new sound to the Ring Chime Pro for motion alert notifications?

It would be very helpful if the Chime Pro can have a voice/text-based sound that says “Motion Detected” like there is in the Ring iPhone app. This seems like an easy idea to implement and will be useful for several people, especially those with dogs that react to generic notification sounds. Many of my friends and my dogs do not react to the voice/text based alerts on the app.


It would be nice if you could customize your alerts. I have 7 ring cameras in various locations. I would like to be able to use a audio file that I record. I would be able to record, “motion at front door, motion at back door, motion at pool, and other specific areas. It would be nice to be able to make these files with my iPhone and then use them.