Ring censoring important info

Cameras have caught a young man in military fatigues in multiple yards in my community. Have pictures yet ring continually sensors them. I have put down nothing racial or inappropriate. This is not a time for snowflakes to worry about being politically correct people. Nothing racial nothing profiling just fax. I abide by the rules and I pay for the service ring FYI

If you attempt to post anything that portrays a person as guilty for doing something that isn’t against the law then that’s the problem.
Ring, nor should anyone, doesn’t want the liability of someone being declared “guilty” by public opinion and not a court of law. It’s why news outlets typically say the “person accused” of something, not the “person who robbed” someone.

Lets say that person you tried to post a video about is actually just looking for their lost pet. You post the video and one of your neighbors sees it and thinks your video portrays that person as a criminal. Your neighbor decides to take the law into their own hands and does bodily harm to the individual. So, who’s liable for the assault? Your neighbor? You for posting an inflammatory video? Ring for hosting the video?

So no, nothing about being PC, just Ring saving themselves and possibly you from legal liability. You should actually be thankful they stopped you.

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