Ring Cameras Triggered as Linked Devices Experience Needs A Lot of Improvement

BACKGROUND : You have some device (lets say Ring Pathlight) that is out of vision of a Ring Security camera. You would like to start recording when that device detects motion to capture the full context of what might happen next. This is needed because the Ring Security Camera can be slow to detect the motion and record, missing information at the start of an event.

You setup the Ring Security Cam as a linked device when the Pathlight detects motion. Someone walks by, triggering the Pathlight motion. The camera begins recording.

PROBLEM : (1) The camera ONLY records for the “default video recording duration” and then stops. There’s no intelligence that it’s actively detecting motion and that it should continue recording until the active motion event stops. It simply cuts off mid-frame and then there’s some delay before it is triggered again to record by active motion.

(2) Motion notifications do not get sent for this situation.

SUGGESTION : (1) Ring Security Cameras, in any situation, regardless of how they are triggered, should continue to record while there is active motion happening. If I decide to walk around in a circle in front of the camera for 10 minutes straight it should be recording that entire sequence. Not stop after it hits the “video length” setting and then start again after some delay.

(2) If I’m configured to get notifications when a camera detects motion, then it should send me these even if it’s been triggered as a linked device.