Ring cameras Going Offline

I have 4 Ring devices
1 flood light 2 indoor cameras
1 outdoor cam
All work fine my ring original doorbell someone smashed the lens with a sharp object So we recently replace with an outdoor cam
And I’ve notice all are working fine and then randomly 3 go offline then I reset all is well again now 2 go offline this happens all day
It’s very annoying
I’ve called the cable company everything good my WiFi is good so why is it that the cameras keep going offline
Never happened before never had an issue with my cameras this is frustrating

Hi @DNiecy. What is the RSSI of your outdoor cameras? Even with good wifi, if it is unable to reach the cameras, you will experience them frequently falling offline. You can check the RSSI of your device in the Ring app under the Device Health section. If you need to boost the signal to your devices, a Chime Pro works very well! I hope this helps!