Ring camera turns false motion detection with green screen and loud click.

It has done this twice now. Can anyone explain what is happening? Live view always seems normal. The camera turns on with a motion alert and the video seems normal. Then color goes from light to dark green and then a loud click is heard on the video followed by what sounds like a voice, then video goes to normal again. This happened twice in the last 5 days. Any help on what is goin on?

Hey @Tmeyer. Can you please attach a share link of this video and the discoloration? Also, if you’re able to record the loud click and share that with us too, that would be greatly appreciated!

Not sure how to share a video link on here.


@Tmeyer It looks like the IR filter on the camera to switch between night vision and not at night time is getting stuck going back and forth. Therefore, when it’s stuck it does this loud clicking sound, temporarily distorting the color of your video as it re-adjusts once the filter is fixed.

First thing I noticed is that it seems like you’ve installed this in a dark corner/low level in the room. Could you possible install this on the wall, slightly higher up but still looking at the angle you want, or even from the ceiling? Keeping this in a corner is ideal for your angle, but the higher up it is and the better chances it has to see the lighting in the whole room, the more this should help. Additionally, if the IR filter is stuck like this, try shining a flash light in front of it for a couple seconds to see if that helps it recognize when it’s day time and then adjust easily for a more permanent look at your view, without the discoloration.

I believe that once you adjust the installation height, you shouldn’t have to do the flash light trick, but it’s something to do in addition if it ever gets stuck in the future. You can test out this theory without actually moving the camera if this is not a possibility! The hallway that the camera captures, can you turn the hallway light on and test out to see if you have this kind of video happens when there is more light? If this does not happen when there is more light, then you have found out the installation place is in a darker area, thus resulting in the IR filter switching back and forth. From there, I recommend to find the best new place for the device.

The camera is in the middle of the room near a wall. It is about 3 feet off the floor. I will try it wall mounted in the corner of the room.

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@Tmeyer Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile: