Ring camera stops working same time each day like clockwork between 12pm and 5pm

have a Ring security camera that consistently drops its connection and motion sensing notification each day between the hours of 12pm and 5pm. Steps taken to resolve issue:

  1. Camera has been replaced multiple times
  2. Wi-Fi Router has been replaced and relocated multiple times to improve signal.
  3. Wi-Fi range extender has been used to ensure that dB loss and RSSI levels are within operational ranges.
    As I write this RSSI strength is -51, -56dB at the location of the camera.
  4. Internet speed tests 23.72 Mbps down, 12.13 Mbps up, Ping 41 ms at the location of the camera.
  5. Wi-Fi channel has been changed to best available channel, however there seems to be a very high number of Wi-Fi networks and about 13 hidden networks. Not sure if this is an issue
  6. When connection drops between 12pm and 5pm I have tried resetting connection to camera with no success during this time.
  7. All devices have been given static IP addresses.

The thing that I just do not get is that outside of these hours the camera works perfectly and no other cameras on my network are effected at any time. And they have weaker signal and RSSI levels. If anyone has any other advice or troubleshooting steps I have not tried I would greatly appreciate any help.

Long time ago I had a florescent porch light that I had automatically turn on at dusk. That would cause my WiFi to go down in my house.
Not saying that is your issue here, but seems like there’s an external factor that is causing the camera to drop between the same hours every day.