Ring camera live 1 monitor?

hey, why isnt there an option yet where u can just have live view of all camera on 1 monitor like a security camera? i want to see 24/7 on my pc monitor whats going on around my house without having to activate the camera everytime?


@dutchxarms Similar is often asked. Ring isn’t a CCTV system and isnt sold as such, it is an alerts based system. Everything the camera does is cloud based hence live view goes up to AWS servers and back down to you hence using part of your internet bandwidth. Ring does what it is designed to do fairly well but if you want 24/7 monitoring etc you need to look at an NVR based system with IP cameras which are much better suited to this type of thing.

dont matter i see loads of people wanting this. to be added instad they add nonsense to the app.

@dutchxarms Again this isn’t what Ring is designed to do. It is not a CCTV system or ever claimed to be. Live view goes from your camera up to an AWS server, then back down again to your phone for example thus using part of your internet bandwidth both ways. An NVR based system runs on your local network and doesn’t use your upload/download bandwidth (unless you want remote access while away from home). Even if Ring did offer a service like this they would charge more for it as it uses capacity at their end and also a good NVR/IP based system would massively out perform it in this regard.

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It wouldn’t be difficult to add a feature such that they could also be streamed locally without hairpinning video through the cloud and avoid using their cloud capacity for streaming on a local network; and once that capability is added there are tons of free apps out there that could pull video from the cameras on a local network without needing to even use the ring app.

We all understand it isn’t intended to be a CCTV system but, to be honest, I was expecting to have this capability when I bought my first set of ring cameras too; as most users likely were. It’s not explicitly spelled out anywhere that you wouldn’t be able to just have video up streaming live to a monitor 24x7 anywhere.

I spent some time looking for a way to get this to work and some 3rd party apps out there did at one point finagle a way to stream video from ring cameras but that capability was later patched out; which indicates that Ring explicitly doesn’t want 3rd party apps to be able to stream video from their products. The question comes down to business model - is Ring trying to simply force us into their subscription model? Personally, I feel, it would still be worth paying the subscription in order to get alerts on my mobile device when I’m not home and the other such features Ring offer even if I had live video up on a monitor.

That said, if ring wanted to build their own app that can run on a PC that can then stream video locally from LAN connected cameras the effort involved should be fairly trivial. I’d even be willing to pay a small fee for such an app to help them cover development costs.