Ring cam wired - light keeps turning on for no reason

No motion, yet the light turns on randomly. I used to think it was the steam from the boiler flu but the lights turn on without the boiler on too.

Is the device faulty?
It’s up to date, clean, connected etc.

Any hell much appreciated

Having same issue with my spotlight cam.

Hi there, neighbors! Great call on checking the environmental factors. This and checking the motion and light related settings in your Ring app will allow you to fine tune this operation. If lights are triggering too frequently, despite minimizing light settings and angling the Camera differently, try bring the Camera inside or elsewhere. As a test, place the Camera somewhere else in your home to rule out any factors. Of course, if this is a “mount” or hardwired Camera and cannot be moved, see if you can eliminate heat sources, vehicles, or other objects that might be triggering.

Additionally, if there is a switch controlling the power or outlet used by your Camera, please ensure this light switch is remaining on. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Same here. It was fine until a week ago. Now every time i open the app the lights are somehow magically on. I do not want my light on!!! It attracts bugs and spiders!!! FIX IT!!!