Ring cam privacy?

Hi i use a ring cam, for the back door entry to my small apartment(4plex). The lady upstairs doesn’t like the fact when she goes to do her laundry or take her scooter from storage that the ring cam captures her, even when its disarmed. She wants me to loose it or move to a “better secure” place. So my question is how long does ring keep ALL the footage from your ring cam whether authorized by the customer or recorded by ring for “analytical” use. These are points brought up by the lady upstairs. IDGAF if ring records or not or keeps the data for ever. But i need to argue this, because that back door gets left unlocked all the time and we get vagrants sleeping in our laundry/storage and mech rooms.

Thanks. SF

Hi @SmittyFitzpatrick. Great questions. The videos are stored in our Ring Cloud for up to 60 days. If you do not delete them before 60 days, then on the 60th day they will be automatically deleted. Once the videos are deleted, they are gone forever and are not able to be recovered. Ring does not store videos once they are deleted. I hope this answers your questions.