Ring Cam/Floodlight software mac issue

I currently have a Ring doorbell and Ring Camera Floodlight setup. On my iPhone all is fine. Both cameras show up and I get all alerts. I installed the Ring app on my Mac Airbook. On my Mac the Ring Doorbell shows up but not the Camera/Floodlight. How do I add the Floodlight/Cam to my Mac Ring app?

Hey @Renerator13! Both of your Ring devices should be showing up as viewable on your Mac. Please ensure the Ring app on your Mac is up to date, and then visit the main dashboard while logged in. On the left side you should see a list of your Ring devices. Please ensure the proper location is selected at the top, and that the location drop down does not show an additional location. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

On the dashboard on the left i only show one device, the front door. that device’s settings seem normal, the ring app shows as latest firmware. When my Ring is set off by motion, the little window with the live image pops up. I don’t know how to add the Camera/Floodlight into my software system. I’m going to call RING directly and see if they have any suggestions. Thanks for the quick response!

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Hello. I have a similary issue. Any feedback from your contact directly with RING? THX