Ring Bridge with Echo 3rd Gen vs Echo 4th Gen

Hi. I understand the Ring Bridge product, is built in the Echo 4th Gen.
I only have Echo 3rd Gen at home (no Dot, the bigger one) and want to unlock the potential of Ring smart lighting.
If I buy the Ring Bridge and keep using my Echo 3rd Gen to setup routines, will I have the same features as if I buy an Echo 4th Gen without buying the Ring Bridge?

Mathematically speaking, is Ring Bridge + Echo 3rd Gen = Echo 4th Gen ?

Hi @user18292. As @SolarEclipse mentioned, you can use either the Ring Bridge or the Echo 4th Gen to connect your Ring Smart Lighting devices to. The Echo 4th Gen may have additional Alexa features that the Echo 3rd Gen does not, but that does not impact your ability to control your Ring Smart Lighting devices. You can read more about using an Echo device as a Smart Lighting Bridge in our Help Center Article here. :slight_smile:

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