Ring Bridge Not Connecting to WIFI

Good monirng all,

I have been on the phone with Ring customer support 5 times already to try and resolve an issue with the Ring bridge not connecting to my wifi.

So far I have done the following at the advice of Ring tech service.

Removed all special characters from my wifi password.

Followed the install instructions both on my own and with them on the phone.

Reset the Bridge with the side reset button.

Moved the bridge to within a few inches of the router.

Restarted the entire Ring system.

Reset the new wifi password in the Base Station

I am able to get the Bridge to find my wifi and then attempt to connect with the new password. The error I keep getting is that “ring is unable to join” They it asks if I want to retry.

I suppose it could be a bad bridge but I am not sure. Any help that you can provide would be very helpful. Thanks.

Hey there!

Did you try restarting your router/modem? I have an Xi6 modem from Xfinity and I had the same problem as you. I had to restart the modem/router/gateway (whatever they’re calling it this week!) and then reset the bridge again and start over several times. When I turned the Bluetooth off on my phone while setting it up that seemed to work. No idea why the BT had anything to do with it but everything worked fine after I did that.

Mine is working but the blue lights on the front of the bridge keep blinking…which is what brought me here. Trying to find an answer on the actual Ring site is useless.

Good luck I hope you get it working!

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