Ring Billing

I just paid 30 in feb for ring. This was suppose to be for a year. Why do I have to now pay another 39.99 in 5 months when I paid for a year. This makes no sense!

We have no access to your account information so call Support ( Contact Us – Ring Help) with your question.
It should be the price increase should happen at the end of your current year. But I don’t work for Ring so it’s ultimately up to them.
Be aware wait times are long when you call.

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User13397, I think I know what you mean.

You paid in Feb and you are thinking you need to pay again in 5 months because of the email you recently received from Ring (about the 33% USA or 40% UK subscription price increase).

That email advised the price increase is effective in July. It doesn’t mean you pay again in July.

Your billing cycle will be paying again in Feb 2023, unless you remove your payment method or cancel ahead of that time.

You can contact Ring to confirm the above.

There is a thread on the topic of the increase which has info about cancelling or removing your payment method to prevent the auto payment of the increased subscription price. It also has info on some alternatives to Ring. It is 50+ posts in it at the time of my writing this.