Ring Audio notifications on Pixel phone goes away

My pixel 5 phone running Android 11has the latest Ring application installed. I usually get quite a few notifications in a day 25+…After 24 hours or so my phone ring AUDIBLE notifications go away. I still get notifications in my notifications drop down and on but no longer get AUDIBLE alerts from Ring. All other app notifications work, only Ring audible notifications stop. To fix I can do 1 of 2 things, I can restart the phone app or if I pull down from the top of my phone and clear all my notification “Clear all” option then my ring AUDIBLE notifications return.

Any thoughts here if this is a Ring bug or some limit within Android?

Hi @jadiego. This is just how the Ring app works with Android phones. Notifications are cached in the Android and once the cache is full, it needs to be emptied before notifications can resume.

This is the best course of action for correcting this.