Ring App Windows 10 will not login - error code: 0x80131500

Frustrating, me too.
It’s amazing how buggy this thing has been.

It still sometimes take multiple minutes to connect to the server after an event and to see new events on the server.

Lot’s of time for the package thief to be long gone.

Nice of them to let us know that windows app support is ending. Where’s the “Live View” button on the web based viewer ?

Should have gone Nest… Would also work with my Google Home Displays. With 5 cameras, I’m really buried in the Ring ecosystem. Great to be an early adaptor.

This isnt acceptable - the biggest platform out there and you are pulling support. The reason I bought this was because it was listed as supporting home desktop machines - that is false advertising on your part especially if you had already planned to pull support for Windows 10. I am now stuck with a system, that for most of the time i cant view.

I’m having same problem so i contacted Ring support and tried everything. Rep said engineers are working on it this and that was several weeks ago.

If this isn’t fixed soon (I’ll give it a month from now, say early February, I’m throwing all of my ring products in the garbage and finding a new doorbell/camera system that will work from my Windows 10 pc…:frowning:

Why are you posting a link to an app that DOESN’T WORK???

Also getting the error code is 0x80131500 . Have tried the tips, nothing working. Trying to run app with Windows 10.

LOL - looks like Ring development team leading their business plans ('cos mobile soooooo much cooler to code for, who cares about what the customers want)
Had been reviewing different systems and was edging towards Ring - not anymore (only have the one door-cam so no great loss)

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Well, found the answers I was looking for - thanks all.

I had been on vacation over the holidays, and when I got to work today, I realized the Windows app wasn’t working. I’ll be making the switch to another system - there’s no point in having Ring if I can’t see who is coming and going while I am at work (and I literally cannot sit on my phone all day). The browser view is absolutely worthless.

Same problem in Windows 10. I get an error code and cannot log in. I use my Mac running MacOS Big Sur, iPad and iPhone and they work just fine. Odd that it works on Mac and not on Windows 10.

Same problem if they are truly still working on this …fire them and hire someone that knows what they are doing

Above post recommends the Web version. Web version is fine except there is no Live view. The Live view the main reason we previously used the app which is worthless now since we can no longer sign in. Please advise resolution.

Hi neighbors. If the suggested steps in this topic are not working for you and you are still have issues with your Ring app, please reach out to our support team to further investigate this for you. Contacting support will help Ring analyze each case and compile data to be able to achieve a solution.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Well the web app is useless I paid to have live view Etc, What the sense of having an alarm! This is starting to sound like some kind of Fraud!