Ring App Update: Geofence with Auto-Snooze and Arm/Disarm Reminders

UK Rollout Info: You might not see this in your app currently because it is being released slowly to all Ring users in their mobile app. We appreciate your patience as we work to get this to all our UK neighbors!

We’ve heard you asking for more automation with your Ring devices, which is why we are excited to bring you the new Geofence feature! Note: This feature is currently only available in the US, we will update here when this changes.

What is a geofence ?

A “geofence” is a virtual perimeter you define around the location where you’ve installed your Ring devices. It enables the Ring app to send you notifications to update your system’s Mode when you exit and enter the area. It can also snooze motion notifications from your doorbell and security cameras for a short window of time when you return home.

For example, when I hurry out in the morning for a quick run and forget to arm my Ring Alarm, I receive a notification on my smartphone reminding me to change the Mode to Away (which also enables the Professional Monitoring I have with Ring Protect Plus). Then, when I re-enter my geofence, Auto-Snooze pauses motion alerts from my Video Doorbell Pro, so I don’t receive a notification that I’m walking up to my own door.

Learn more tips about the Geofence feature and how to turn it on below.

Turning Geofence On

  1. Open the main menu in the top left corner of your Ring mobile app and confirm your location at the top is the one you would like to turn the Geofence feature on for. Note: This feature does not work when your location is set to “All Cameras“.

  2. Select Settings .

  3. Select Geofence.

  4. Read, and continue through, the two screens explaining how this feature will use your location.

  5. Now you will see a circle around the location where you’ve installed your Ring devices, which are the boundary lines for the Geofence feature. These boundaries, when crossed, are what trigger ‘arriving’ or ‘leaving’ automations.

  6. Note: The view you see is initially based on the address you provided for the location you have set up in the app. You can manually adjust the map, or you can snap the map to your current position by tapping the arrow in the lower right corner. This will not update the address you have set for the location overall in the app, and just updates the location for this feature. Shared users are not able to update the geofence position.

  7. Tap Confirm.

  8. Select which doorbells and security cameras you would like to Auto-Snooze when you enter the geofence boundaries. You can select the duration length it will snooze. Learn more in this Help Center article.

  9. If you have Ring Alarm, or have Modes enabled for your cameras, toggle on the Arm/Disarm Reminders you would like to receive and choose which alert tone you would like to hear for them. Learn more in this Ring Help Center article.

  10. Tap Continue , then tap Save.

  11. Your smartphone will now ask permission for the Ring app to access your location. This is required for the Ring app to use the Geofence feature even when your phone is locked or you are using another app. For the Ring app to be notified when you enter and exit your geofence, on iOS, you must first select “ While Using the App ” and then “ Always” when prompted later; on Android, you must select “ Allow all the time.”

  12. Note : If you do not allow location permission, Ring’s Geofence feature functionality will not work. If you would prefer to not allow the Ring app to have access to your location, we recommend you also disable the Geofence feature to avoid error notifications from this feature not being able to work correctly.

  13. Now you are all set with Geofence!

Important Tips

  • Set location access to “Always” or “Allow all the time” - This is needed so that your Ring app is able to receive the most accurate location updates for your location. Location data will be accessed by the Ring app in the background, but only when your mobile device’s location changes significantly.
  • Device Specific - The Geofence settings and alerts are specific to the mobile device you set it up on. Meaning, if you are logged in on other mobile devices, or have granted Shared Users access to your Ring devices, your Geofence settings will not affect those other mobile devices Ring app settings.
  • Location Privacy - When using Geofence, Ring does not retain GPS data related to your movements. The Ring app only identifies whether you have crossed your set boundaries to determine which automations should be activated. Whether you enable Ring Geofence or not, no other users (including the Owner and any Shared Users) will be able to access your location or see your position. Furthermore, Ring does not maintain an event history of who entered or left the geofence. Learn more in this Ring Help Center article.
  • Shared Users - Your shared users are able to set up Auto-Snooze and Mode Reminder notifications on for their own iOS or Android device. However they will not be able to modify the geofence position.
  • Troubleshooting Steps - Geofence relies heavily on mobile device-specific settings and features. For help on diagnosing difficulties with the Geofence feature, please see our troubleshooting Ring Help Center article.

We are excited to bring this feature to your Ring app. Please share how you plan to use it by replying below.


Anyone have any idea why i don’t have the geofence option on android 11 galaxy s21 ultra? I’ve tried all the steps online but i can’t get past the part where i’m supposed to select geofence since it’s not on the list .

Hi @ozmt56. This feature is currently slow rolling to neighbors in the United States. I don’t have an exact timeline I can share as to when you’ll receive the feature in your Ring App, but we appreciate your patience as we work to get it to all our neighbors. :slight_smile:

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PLEASE PLEASE roll this out ASAP! It is inconvenient to to pull out a phone each time I leave/enter the house to avoid the motion detection notifications! This is the solution I have been looking for! I would volunteer to be a beta tester!

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Why do we need to manually arm and disarm if you have geofencing capabilities in the app?!?! Manually managing ‘reminders’ doesn’t solve the actual pain point for most users requesting a real practical geofencing feature.


Let’s say I turn on geofence to turn off notifications on 2 cameras for 3 hours. If I exit the geofence area, are they still snoozed for 3 hours? Or will it turn off until I re enter the area?

Hi @Blujelly. The Geofence Auto Snooze feature will not turn off, it will stay on for the 3 hours as that is the time frame that you’ve selected. As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this suggestion and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature! :slight_smile:


I was able to set this today in the UK.
Worked well but as others have mentioned it would be better to auto arm rather than just send a notification (when all registered users have left the area).

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This feature is now on the Ring App in the UK. It’s not clear if this notification appears when all users have left the Geofence or when each user leaves the Geofence.
It would be great if the Alarm could auto arm itself when the last user leaves the Geofence.

Hi Ring team

While this feature is useful, im struggling to ise this as I am always on Home mode while home. When i leave the geofence it does NOT notify me to arm… i was hoping the feature can also be enabled for home mode.

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Hi there, @jaysamson03!

This can be changed in the Ring app settings or when you are going through the process of enabling up your Geofence. Remember to ensure both Arm and Disarm reminders. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

does the motion schedule still work with geofencing enabled
I have our doorbells set to notify motion to our chime pro at night. Does geofencing override this if you are home

I just inherited a bunch of ring devices in my new home in the US. Was planning to put up a whole Ring system, but the lack of this feature will motivate me to find another vendor. I just can’t stand all the notifications Triggered by my family. Bye bye Ring :wave:

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So my initial post was deleted, so I will try this again because I think this is a real travesty that the implementation of this feature is so haphazard and yet could be easily remedied in ways I have seen at least two other vendors personally do it.

Ring, your geofence/modes/notifications features are not truly effective. They cause more frustration than they should having been implemented they way they are and should be updated to be truly useful.

1- notifications need to be a discrete option that the user can enable on a per-mode, per-camera basis. basically disconnect “recording” and “notifications,” and give each their own toggle rather than tying the features together. When users are home, by and large we are aware of motion triggers, a lot of us want to record activity for posterity or other security-related purposes, but we are home and do not want constant nagging of notifications informing us of known activity.

2- If you do #1, then you make modes more actually useful; as it stands you offer 3 modes, but I cannot fathom not having Live View enabled as an option so that feels like it should almost go away., and while I could dream up situations where I want to turn off recording for a moment (disarm), until notifications are a discrete option, “Home” and “Away” have the same settings and the delineation is moot. People’s #1 want is to turn on and off notifications based on their location. Snooze is a useful feature for other issues, but not as a stand-in for this.

3- Geofencing. It should be an automated solution. When I arrive within the geofence perimeter, rather than having a notification pop up telling me to access the app to hit a button, it should automate that process and free me from that hassle. So when I get home, it detects my arrival, then puts my home into my “Home” mode from #2 automatically, that has the settings for how i want notifications handled based on #1. And when I leave, the reverse being true in swapping to “Away” mode.

Current implementation only offers a “snooze” action for these notifications. All well and good, except i don’t want to have to continually hit snooze when I haven’t left the house, I am home I want my desire to not get notifications at home respected until my status changes. Also giving me a notification to access the app to manually change the mode then gives me yet another notification that the mode is changed, so now for one action that should require no interactions, I have at least two notifications that need addressed and have to still do it manually anyway . This becomes problematic when you realize that most people leaving their home are probably driving away. So to give them a notification that requires app interaction becomes a dangerous affair; now I’m driving and handling the phone to change the mode to it’s appropriate setting? And if I don’t and forget now my system is not armed?

Snooze is awesome as what it is by name, a time-based ‘snooze.’ For instance if a friend or family member is going to my house for a bit to do work, grab something, etc etc and I’m away I’d like to be able to temporarily ‘snooze’ notifications even though I have them armed because I’m away, but have my system still armed and recording. However again, the geofence/notification schema isn’t effective as implemented.

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Geofence has never correctly worked since our phones received the feature.

We have new Samsung S21 + phones. Geofence will work fine for a week or so before it just stops for no reason. I had arm reminders set, and all cameras snoozed for 15 minutes upon returning home. I’ve tested this across both our phones and the end result is the same each time.

The Android ‘fix’ is as follows: Disable Geofence in the Ring app. Close Ring and fully swipe out of memory so it’s not running. Long-press the Ring shortcut to open the system settings and clear the app cache . DON’T clear the app data by mistake–that’s almost the equivalent of reinstalling the app. Once you’ve cleared the app cache, open Ring and re-enable Geofence.

After you’ve performed the above steps, Geofence will correctly work again for a week or so until the above needs repeated.

Note, clearing your app cache will clear your thumbnail image for all cameras. Wired cams will immediately restore the thumbnail image to a current view. Battery cams should restore that image within 10 minutes or so.