Ring App Rich Notifications

I’m having the Apple watch issue too. It is helpful to have a little snapshot of what’s going on, but so very annoying to have it send four notifications in succession to my watch. There doesn’t appear any way to interrupt it and I have to wait for it to cycle through all the alerts before I can see what is going on. Ring, please fix this.

It’s been working fine for me, all I want is an additional snooze setting from the rich notification for “Snooze All Motion for x minutes”, instead of having to go into the app and do it.


I would love to see this feature for android watches!

Rich notifications are good but would be better if they were full customisable and if the volume could be both adjusted manually (it doesn’t appear to change with ring volume). Speaking of which can you add day time and night time ring and rich volumes so we can set a quieter night volume that activated when the camera is in night time mode.

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Enabling Rich Notifications seems to stop notifications to my Ring App (running on Android). There is still an event in Event History and video is still captured, but there is no audible notification of an event on my phone.