Ring App Rich Notifications

Hi @undy. Yes, you will receive notifications regardless of what location you have selected. When you answer a notification, it will direct you to the Ring app and open the correct location. I hope this helps!

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Thanks Tom, appreciate the reply!


This feature has been on eufy doorbells since the beginning. Thanks for catching up Ring/Amazon

Glad to be here!

Really good when it worked. Now it has stopped working in my iPhone, but does work on my iPad. I get notification and picture on my Apple Watch, but just a notification with no picture on my iPhone. Very frustrating.

Update: Did a hard reset on the phone and it works now. Hazzah.

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Ring needs to figure out how to troubleshoot the duplicate notification issues many are getting on this thread: Multiple Notifications for the Same Event - #97 by gaBD

I am having this exact same frustrating issue that is really devaluing this product, especially as our family pays for the professional monitoring.

I have 1 battery powered outdoor camera, 1 outlet powered outdoor camera, 1 battery powered doorbell camera. None of these have Advanced Motion Detection enabled. I use my Apple Watch and iPhone only for alerts. I get 7-8 buzzes per notification on my Apple Watch and only a single alert on my iPhone.

I’ve tried many fixes listed on this thread, but it’s clear that the only thing to stop the multiple Watch notifications is to turn off Rich Notifications.

Today, I was trying to pick up a phone call on my Apple Watch - but I had so many duplicate notifications popping up, I missed the call. Ring has been blowing up my Watch like crazy!


Totally agree. This is so frustrating that this feature has been buggy for so many weeks and they haven’t reversed it or figured out a solution. There are so many people doing the bug identification and even capturing the details of what’s happening! You’d think that’d make this rise to the top of their development list…

Also in agreement with the need to fix this bug. Turning off features to get around a bug is not a good long term solution.

I agree with the last few posts - the bug with these repeat notifications is absolutely ridiculous, and needs to be fixed. Ring needs to step up and fix this issue, rather than announce this feature and then not comment when it doesn’t work properly.

Also jumping in here in the hopes that Ring will see this needs a fix. Great feature but so annoying… imagining having the doorbell go off, then your hallway one goes off just seconds after… 8 notifications for 2 cameras…

Hi there, neighbors! Many of you have shared having multiple notifications. As mentioned in Riley’s article above and our help center article about Rich Notifications, there may be times when multiple notifications are sent to ensure for the quickest delivery of an event notification. If too many notifications are happening with a smart watch in use, please note that Ring does not directly support any official smart watch integrations.

Of course, if an excessive amount of notifications are being received for one event, and does not match what is described above, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

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Really love(d) this feature. However, within the last few weeks (coincidentally, after extending my Ring Protection Plus plan) the hard-press no longer displays the enlarged snapshot. I still get the small pic in the notification but it’s too small to determine what actually triggered the motion detection. This is on iOS. I’ve tried reinstalling the Ring app as well as turning off/on Rich notifications. Any help would be appreciated.

I think the " At this time, the Ring app does not directly support any official smart watch integrations. is a B.S. Just wiping you hands of a problem, by saying we don’t support that.



I am too having an issue with the iPhone app-when receiving a motion detection notification, long pressing this no longer displays a snapshot and instead a black strip across the screen is displayed. Probably a bug but could this please be fixed?


I’m having the Apple watch issue too. It is helpful to have a little snapshot of what’s going on, but so very annoying to have it send four notifications in succession to my watch. There doesn’t appear any way to interrupt it and I have to wait for it to cycle through all the alerts before I can see what is going on. Ring, please fix this.

It’s been working fine for me, all I want is an additional snooze setting from the rich notification for “Snooze All Motion for x minutes”, instead of having to go into the app and do it.


I would love to see this feature for android watches!

Rich notifications are good but would be better if they were full customisable and if the volume could be both adjusted manually (it doesn’t appear to change with ring volume). Speaking of which can you add day time and night time ring and rich volumes so we can set a quieter night volume that activated when the camera is in night time mode.

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