Ring App Rich Notifications

I cant get this to work on my wife’s phone. There is no option for it. I’m set up as the main user and shes set up as a shared user. This needs to be available for shared users, not just one member of the family.


When is this going to be available for everyone. I have a plan and also was part of the beta tester for this feature but still didn’t get it in my ring doorbell.

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This is a fantastic addition! I so appreciate the time it saves to basically instantly see what set off the alarm. It works on both Ring and Rapid Ring app alerts.

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I haven’t heard from anyone that this feature has actually been released and avavilable to them.

Also have not seen an actual release date or schedule of any kind from Ring indicating when it would *actually* be available.

Don’t forget this original thread about this subject that has since been diverted to this shiny new more upbeat while equally unrevealing ultimately unhelpful thread-


*Note the above thread that Ring has skillfully moved away from to this thread was marked as “Solved” many months ago. It wasn’t and isn’t “solved”.

Also notice this ‘new’ shinier thread without our history on this topic is unavailable to be “Subscribed” to. So you can’t subscribe and be notified of additional comments, updates, etc. Convenient.

If this pessimism and distrust is unwarranted then my apologies. Help me change our minds by providing factual information, release dates, availability, and truths about this topic.

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Would also like an update a to when this will be available, we were initiailly promised this feature in the Summer, now almost three weeks ago we are told the feature is “being slow rolled”, what exactly dies that mean?

An excellent addition.

Makes life a whole lot easier to see what’s set off the motion alarm. Well done!

Not available yet on my iPhone.

I still do not have rich notifications as an option on my phone. It would be especially useful for me since I have a smartwatch and I would potentially be able to view these rich notifications right on my wrist when they come in. Is there anything that we can do on our end to trigger this feature so that is is available to us?

Unfortunatelyi had to turn the feature off. The dual notifications drove me nuts!

@Riley_Ring I’m in the U.K. and still don’t have this feature is it still rolling out? Also is it available on all doorbells or does it exclude any?

Hey neighbors! As stated in this article about this new feature, this feature is currently slow rolling out. W e appreciate your patience while we work to get it to all our neighbors! New features that we release to our neighbors are on a slow rollout from time to time to ensure that all neighbors get the feature without any hiccups or loose ends. Rest assured you should recieve this in the near future.

I have been active and outspoken about tracking this feature and promoting its release.

I am excited and pleased to report that I received the feature update a few days ago.

Nice job, Ring. Thank you for delivering on your promise and delivering this feature.

The feature is frankly game changing for your users. Instead of having to unlock the phone, navigage to the Ring app, and then view the car headlights whizzing by only to close it again…

… now we can simply look at the alert… hard-press the alert for a larger image… and see it’s just a car going by.

Fantasitc. I wanted to report back right away and let people know this feature is arriving and is impressive.

For the sake of helpfulness… I am using the folloiwng hardware:

  • iPhone XS Max

    • Ring App (notifications disabled)

    • Rapid Ring App (notifications enabled)

      • * I receive a single notification from ther Rapid Ring app, including the rich preview capability.
  • Apple Watch 4th Generation

    • I receive a single notification from the Rapdi Ring app, including the rich preview capability.
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13" (2018)

    • MacOS Ring App

      • *I do not see rich preview alerts with the computer.

        • In fairness, the MacOS Ring App does provide for popping up mini video alerts already.

Ring, thank you for working hard to deliver an assuredly-challenging feature and communicating with your users.


After upgrading to iOS 14.1 and upgrading the ring app I lost all notifications despite the notifications being enabled in the app. After some trial and error, uninstall/reinstall I found I had to turn off the Rich Notifications in order to get my push notifications working again. In the app there’s small text saying if the iPhone has a weak connection you won’t see the snapshots. That wasn’t the case. Wanted to share this just in case anyone was experiencing the same issue I was.


I’m new to the group and have looked but couldn’t find the specific answer to the question I seek. I have ring devices at 2 different locations, both set up on my phone, both with the Protect Plan. If I have my location set to one specific location will I still receive alert notifications from the other location? Thanks in advance for any help.


Dave, I receive Rich Notifications for my account and the account I am a shared user on.

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Hi @undy. Yes, you will receive notifications regardless of what location you have selected. When you answer a notification, it will direct you to the Ring app and open the correct location. I hope this helps!

Thanks Tom, appreciate the reply!

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This feature has been on eufy doorbells since the beginning. Thanks for catching up Ring/Amazon

Glad to be here!

Really good when it worked. Now it has stopped working in my iPhone, but does work on my iPad. I get notification and picture on my Apple Watch, but just a notification with no picture on my iPhone. Very frustrating.