Ring App Problems

Today, the iPadOS version of the Ring app has been performing in a flaky/buggy/undesirable manner in a number of ways:

  • There are several (or more) types of unnecessary/undesirable changes.
  • There are multiple bugs, some of which occur repeatedly, but not necessarily consistently.
  • An important tile on my Ring app dashboard has been replaced with a buggy/undesirable “Key Delivery” advertising tile that changes back and forth between “Learn More” and “Error”. This is incredibly offensive on multiple levels:
    • First, Ring is placing both people and property at risk by replacing an important, security-related tile (selected by the user) with a marketing/advertising tile. It looks like it was done deliberately.
    • Second, one has to wonder what type of objectionable behavior Ring may be engaging in every time the tile changes from “Learn More” to “Error”.
    • Third, Ring is constantly using all sorts of offensive/unethical techniques inside the Ring app to not only try to trick/force users into viewing marketing/advertising they do NOT want to see… but often, attempting to trick/force users into acknowledging that they have, indeed, viewed the objectionable material – as is true in this case.
    • Fourth, Ring is, yet again, deliberately endangering customers who are not technically savvy by suggesting they use a dangerous feature. (If someone can’t instantly make a list of potential/serious risks associated with the Key Delivery feature, they probably should not consider using the feature until they have become sufficiently knowledgeable to understand the risks.)

Does anyone know the cause of the bugs/changes/flakiness? In other words, are the problems due to some type of (secret) firmware update(s) and/or other (secret/timed) changes?

Ring is a business, and like most businesses will try to sell products and services however they can. I’ve had other security systems/apps and they too try to sell your more features and products. Not sure why someone would expect Ring to be any different after all they are a for profit business, not a charity.

If you disagree with how they present these services you should post your suggestion(s) in the Feature Request board ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community) and the more people that vote for your suggestion(s) might get the attention of Ring Devs.

Until then it is very unlikely any of the Ring Devs or Managers are going to say anything in regards to your post.