Ring App opening to Neighbors Feed

Lately, when opening my Ring App, I go straight into Neighbors Feed if there is a story or notification I haven’t read. When I open my App, there is a reason I am opening it, and I need to IMMEDIATELY see my dashboard, not fight with closing out feel-good or neighborhood notifications. What’s outside my door or home is more important than someone finding a dog two districts away. Even notifications that appear on the phone banner should open to the Dashboard, then have an icon that notifies me of any other information that is available to me. I buy Ring products for the products, not the social aspect.

fmf8404 -

What version of the Ring app are you using?

If you are using the iPadOS (or IOS) version of the Ring app, have you seen the following post?

Please report back as to whether or not this solves your problem (for the benefit of other Ring Community members). Thanks.