Ring app on my PC with proxy server Privoxy

I use an app named Privoxy to filter our ads in my browser windows. This app is a proxy server that is configured in the windows 10 internet settings under “Proxy”. I have found that when Privoxy is active, the Ring app gets the error message: Something went wrong, A connection with the server could not be established (0x80072EFD)". When I turn off the proxy, the error goes away, and the ring app works as I expect it to, and lets me review the cameras and the videos.

The Privoxy log reports no errors or filtering being done on the ring app. While 80 and 443 (browser ports) and listed in the ports used by ring, I am not sure what it is even using them for.

I don’t know if the error is directly related to Privoxy or to the fact that a proxy server is listening on those ports. Since Privoxy also uses port 8118, is it possible that ring makes some undocumented us of this port?

I have also searched for the error message I get, and it is just generic “connection failed” error.

Anyone seen anything like this, or have some ideas or thoughts?


I get the same error and I do not use Privoxy ???

I have the same issue although not using Privoxy. Did you ever solve the issue? Being unable to access Ring from the app on my machine makes it almost useless…