Ring app on Android10 keeps crashing now - was working fine before

I have been using the security cam with the Android app for over a year now. It was all fine until recently when I noticed the app crashes when I tried to see the device details. The app opens up fine when I tap on the Ring icon on the phone’s home screen and it can even show the latest feed from the cam. But if I tried to go into the cam details, the app crashes, and Android says this app crashes repeatedly. I just want to check the battery level on the cam. I tried uninstalling & reinstalling the app to no avail. How can I check the battery level like before by going into the device details?

Hi @v-daisit. What version of the Ring app do you have installed and what OS version is on your Android? I would also check this Help Center article here to see if you have any apps that are conflicting with the Ring app. Also, do you have an active VPN on? This could also be causing an issue with the Ring app. If possible, try to capture a screen recording of this happening so I can share all of this information with my team.