Ring app not allowing login in Sudan

I am Ring user in UAE
I bought Ring doorbell to use it in Sudan

  • When i started creating separate account to be used to setup the device in Sudan, i realized that Sudan is not in the drop down menu when you try to select location (during the account creation)
  • I couldn’t download the app, except when i used the VPN (without VPN the message is Error: Couldn’t load your location)
  • I couldn’t login into the app, until i enabled the VPN
    -Logged in with VPN but when trying to progress got the message of please switch off your vpn , one the VPN is switched off , installation stopped

I tried to call the helpdesk but they were quite helpless

I tried the following torubleshooting
1- Removed the app and installed again
2- Reset the devices
3- created different account

Any thoughts

Hi @Salih_Merghani. Ring does not support the use of a VPN, as noted in this Help Center article here. You can also find a list of regions where Ring is supported here. If you do not see your region on the list, Ring Devices will not work there. I hope this clears things up for you.