Ring App Mac OS - Uninstalled, but still getting sounds for motion alerts

I uninstalled the Ring app earlier this evening, and when I walked back into my kitchen, where I have a stick up cam, The ring Chime blasted from my computer speakers. Not sure exactly what to do here…Is there something else I need to get rid of? I went to the Ring icon in my applications folder and dragged it to the trash, then emptied the trash. I’ve run multiple searches and cannot find any other “Ring” related files.

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Hey @PTLuce. Removing the Ring app from your phone or computer will not eliminate the devices from still communicating to each other and playing chimes if you have your Chime connected to the device. If you no longer wish to ever hear chimes from your Doorbell on the Chime device, I recommend to go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Ring device producing these motion alerts > Linked Chimes > Motion Detected > and make sure to unlike any Chimes you have from motion alerts. Therefore, you will not hear your Chime go off if your device is detecting motion. Hope this helps!

I am not talking about a Chime device, by “chime” I was referring to the sound that is made when a motion alert comes through. The sound is coming from my desktop computer. I had the ring app on my computer, and the alert sounds (chimes) were incredibly loud. I uninstalled it from my computer, but the motion alert sounds are still blaring from the computer speakers every time I walk into my kitchen.

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Did you ever find out how to remove the app? It seems that the new version is delivered via the Mac App Store. I don’t know how to remove the ring app from MacOS. I tried to download the app again hoping that it was a package that included an ununstaller, but it is just the .APP file. I guess I’ll contact support.

Any solution to this? Because I removed “Ring.app” and still getting notifications on macOS. Is there a background service running somehow?

See this for the fix…https://community.ring.com/t5/Ring-App/Ring-App-Mac-OS-any-way-to-disable-sound-alerts/td-p/3623?attachment-id=251

In preferences, goto NOTIFICATIONS, then find Ring App and uncheck last checkbox (I unchecked everything)

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