Ring app Location services

I just configured Ring app on my new phone. For some reason within the app, Geofence option is not available. I looked sitting the IOS settings, under ring app for location services and they do not show up. In my old phone I was able to setup geofence just fine. Any suggestions on how to setup Geofence? New phone is running IOS 16.

Hi @hgiljr. The Geofence feature can be setup in the Ring app by following the steps outlined in this Help Center article. Make sure you’re on the correct Location with your Ring devices set up. You should also be able to control the location permissions for the Ring app in your iPhone’s settings. Open the settings app, scroll down to the list of your apps and select Ring, then tap the location option and choose “Always” so the Geofence can operate properly.

Thanks for the info. That’s just the issue I’m facing that the “settings” section is not appearing in the app. See attached pics.

@hgiljr You need to toggle to the correct Location, as I see at the top it says “All Cameras”. This is a Location that allows you to see all of your Cameras across multiple Locations. Tap the “All Cameras” at the top and select your Location from the dropdown. After doing that, you should see the Settings option in your menu.