Ring app issues

I have been having difficulty using my Doorbell Ring 2.

Whether when someone presses the button on my Doorbell, who when I try to perform the Live view, the application freezes, leaving the smarthphone screen all black and later gives an error.

I can’t see who’s at my door, I can’t answer calls.

I already uninstalled the app, I installed it again and the problem remains.

This happened after last week’s update.

Sorry to hear about this @Luismalopes! What is the error you are receiving? Black video or freezing connection is often related to wifi or mobile connection. Removing and reinstalling the app was a great step to take. I recommend also disabling bluetooth and VPN, closing any apps in the background, and testing this on both wifi only, and cellular data only to see if one connecting is better than the other.

For tips on optimizing wifi signal strength, check out our Community post about RSSI. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: