Ring App has problems on older iPhone SE, 5s etc with 4.0" screen

Just updated my Ring app to v 5.56.0 on my original iPhoneSE and the login screen for the app is mostly UNUSABLE as when you go to start typing in your email address the onscreen keyboard covers the box where you have to type so you can’t see what you are typing.

Never did this until I did the required update last night. Seems the developers have forgotten to test out the small iPhone screens as just the same on iPhone 5s.

Simple fix put the login email and password boxes higher up the screen. Currently the boxes are slap bang in the middle of an otherwise empty screen. Had to tap on empty screen space every time I typed a character so I could see it. How about a reveal password as you type as well? That would help. Its available on the web login to ring.com

Plenty of space to fix it so we can again use Ring App on older iphones. Rest of the app with much more info works just fine on older iPhones.

Just got a brand new iPhone SE and the ring app does not show a keyboard to type in password or user name, whenever I press in either box it gives me a scan text option.
sometimes and somehow I do not know it allows the keyboard to appear but then when 2 fact authorities come sin again there is no keyboard to type in the number. Getting really really annoying…please help, I have aged parents who /I need to stop getting scammed at their door, the whole point of this device and app?