Ring app for Windows 10 operating system not working on computer

Installed Ring Video Pro yesterday. Executed the app from Microsoft Store which supposedly is for desktops running Windows 10.

Doesn’t work at all. The app wants to setup a new device.

Also, the my wife’s smartphone periodically receives a “streaming error” in the house (Wifi) or when she is walking 1/2 for example from house. The only way to reconnect the Ring is for her to turn off the smartphone. The Ring article on solutions to the “streaming error” really did not offer a solution.

AT&T is our Wifi provider. The Ring speed test results are following:
Download - 25.7 Mbps
Upload - 6.22 Mbps
Ping - 41 ms

My wife’s smartphone is running at 5 GHz based on AT&T IP address device listing.

Any help would be appreciated.


Meant to type 1/2 mile. Excluded mile in original message.

I posted this work around in another thread so I’ll copy and paste it here as well.

Install BlueStacks which is an Android Emulator for PC and Mac. It’s safe and free. https://www.bluestacks.com In BlueStacks, search for “Ring Camera app”. It will take you to the Google play store and download/install the Ring app just as you would for mobile, and use that for your PC. Inside BlueStacks, launch the Ring App and sign in to the Ring app page as normal and you’ll be set. You’ll have all the same features on your PC just as you would with the Ring app on your phone (it’s the same app).

The Windows app is junk now and very limited in what you can do anyhow. There’s also been a major issue that people have been experiencing, including myself with the Win app, timing out the camera in LIVE view in just seconds rather than the 10 minutes . Running the Ring app through the BlueStacks emulator on your PC at least solves that issue as well.

I hope this helps!!

Home_Cam, the installation did not offer a choice for a desktop running Windows 10. It only listed OnePlus A5000 smartphone. I installed it anyway knowing that it would not be listed.

Thanks for trying.