Ring App for Apple iOS keeps forgetting my login after EVERY App Update

The Ring App for Apple iOS as such works fine, and I can login with my Ring account, BUT … every time there is an automated Ring App update, the app forgets the login credentials, and I have to login to the App as if it is my first time.
Besides some inconvenience there is a BIGGER ISSUE: when this Ring App has no valid login, the App will NOT NOTIFY me when the Ring Doorbell is pressed/called, so then I miss the change to answer and connect with the video/audio interface and talk to my guest !!
So this is a bug-fix request (not sure if this community is the right place).

I don’t have an iPhone so no clue if this is even a feature, but on Android each app has a cache that it uses and sometimes it can be corrupted. So often the first troubleshooting step is to clear an app’s cache.
If your iPhone can do that, or something similar, try that.

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