Ring App Feature Request

The Neighboorhoods app could benefit from better filtering and confirmation of posts before they go live. I know, this is probably super difficult but below are my reasons why. Lately I’ve found the Neighboorhoods part of Ring to be less and less useful because the signal to noise ratio is getting worse.

I’m running into a problem where there are so many false alarms or frivolous posting where it’s hard to know what is real and what isn’t. It seems like people are using it like a social network.

Specifically, I get posts asking if anyone knows whats going on down the street. Or “I heard a loud boom, anyone else here that?”

The worst right now is the constant reports of gun shots. If I were to believe the number of posts about shots fired I’d think I was in a war zone. It’s having a “boy who cried wolf” sort of effect in that I don’t take them seriously anymore and that’s going to cause a real event to go ignored when it actually does happen.

Is there a way for Ring to verify posts before they go live? I’d rather have a slighly delayed but confirmed post than a shower of bogus ones that drown out legit concerns.

I’ve taken to reporting these as inappropriate but I don’t like that solution either because I could make a mistake in the opposite direction and flag something that’s legit which is just as bad.


I would like to have the ability to set up two different sensitivity settings, each with their own alert schedule.
For example, I would like to monitor and record a high sensitivity setting, and only be alerted to a people sensitivity setting.

I’d like to have the ability to activate cameras based on my location using geofencing.

I have an indoor camera that I don’t need, or want, active while I’m at home … I’d like it to only be active when I’m away.

Push notofication when Ring gets disconnected/connected.

Keep log information when Ring was disconnected.

This is a crucial feature when we want to use Ring as a security device.


I would prefer using the main event history button because all 5 of my cameras are listed but the problem with that is when I scroll to a certain time frame and watch a clip, then back to the list to watch the next one it immediately goes back up to the top of the list so I have to scroll back down to find the time period again. It does not do this when I go to each individual cameras event history, I can scroll down to a clip, watch it, go back and I am still at the spot where I found the clip. With 5 cameras this really adds time having to go into each camera.


I agree with Rignes, those and animals lost or found are what I am bombarded with. I love animals but I do not think Ring app is the place to post them. I just did a quick check, the last 8 posts were 2 “did anyone hear gunshots”, 1 spray painted house and 5 lost/found pets. There are other alternatives to seek or post lost pets.

It is because of these posts that I don’t even go look when I get an alert anymore.

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It would be great if you could create different schedules for different zones. Example may be having motion alerts just near the front of your house during the day but having alerts for a bigger zone / zone 2 at night.


I’m planning to have a wall mounted tablet with Ring on it (android). I’d like a setting to ‘auto-open’ ring live feed when motion detected. After a period of time (setting), go back to what was displayed on the screen before… Not sure if it is possible, but I’d find it useful!


Thank you for the feedback @apple2e, I moved your request to the feature request board so other neighbors can kudo it if they are interested in this feature as well.

I have my office in the Garage and I have separate wifi chime there.

I need it to work at my working hours and my other home chime to not work at these hours.

Basically some kind of schedule.

This will prevent all family to come from all places at each doorbell ring event.

Please please please … add app controls for volume control and mute to the “playback” of events. POOR USER DESIGN to make the user use overall phone/ring voume buttons to reduce the volume or mute playback of incidents. Often I get events at work, and really just want to view the live or recorded playback, not needing to hear the audio. Surprised this wasn’t just obvious to original app designers. Please???

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I agree with the thumbnail request. The current issue is that when you click the motion notification, it opens up the camera live view. The problem with this is by the time the camera loads, whatever caused the motion is long gone. Please add thumbnail to show what triggered the motion so we do not have to open the app and wait for the video to upload to the cloud to see it.


My ring cameras (3) are the least connected equipment in my smart home. Perhaps a niche request but the community is eager to develop new features and integration points, all they need is a proper open API (not a super closed ecosystem).

I also would like the ability to access video feeds directly, at least for wired devices (2 wired floodlight cams). The fact that I can’t view a live feed for hours (it times out after a few minutes) makes the otherwise excellent product useless for many application. If I had the ability from the app to enable ONVIF protocol on the LAN, this would bring these cameras to a different level and I’d be the first to buy a few extra ones.

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For security cameras, if multiple motion zones are setup for a camera and those zones are named when an alert is triggered have it convey the name of the camera and zone name. Currently it will only provide camera name even if there are multiple zones created.


haptic touch (the long press on ios) and android widget on the app icon for key functions:

* arm and disarm

* lock and unlock

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Just like unlocking a lock using the physical keypad, have an Unlock of the lock in the app also cause the alarm to Disarm.


The one feature that I miss about my former alarm system is the indication on the keypad that all the doors and windows are closed. We really liked seeing that green light on the pannel last thing at night.
You could use a combination of the existing lights with just a software update. Anything to indicate that all the contact sensors are closed. That would be really nice and would add to the considerable convienence of the Ring system. We all would use that feature daily. Thanks.

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I would like to have the option of the thumbnails in the dashboard showing live views, whether in the iOS app or OS X app, as this is a useful and common feature of video surveillance systems.

Please update the Win10 app so it more closely matches the mobile apps. It doesn’t seem to support any Alarm functions, Doorbell Motion Snooze, Neighborhood Alerts…etc.

Thanks for considering.

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It would be handy if you could enable/disable motion alerts for specific motion zones. I would like to have one motion zone always record motion however I only want to receive alerts if motion is detected in a different zone. It would be nice if the motion alert contained a thumbnail of the motion that caused it to trigger as well.

Additionally, it would be nice if I could mute the outside chime when the doorbell is pressed.