Ring App Feature Request

It would be awesome if there was a Ring “app” for Apple TV/FireTV/Roku etc. where you could go in and just see your camera feeds.


Nest’s Hello Doorbell can now tell you when a package arrives and the Wyza Cam can tell who is a human to reduce alerts when will ring get AI ? These are updates to already deployed products…


I completely agree my mother and uncle are not very tech savy people having an android tv app or ring tv app would make it simple to review the camera footage BUT they should not be able to delete without providing the password.

That is my one concern some people leave their cell phones or computers unlocked and a commited person who breaks in could go and delete the recordings…


I’d like to suggest an additional Alert Type for the Neighbors app: Wildlife.

Maybe even call it “Uncategorized”.

Many of my neighbors are fascinated by wildlife videos caught on Ring, but some neighbors are bothered by it because they see the Neighbors app strictly as a security alert app.
If we could have the additional category/alert that is not selected by default for alerts, I think everybody will be happy.


Ring Android App Dark Theme:It is not just a good idea, it is a necessary one. Sitting in a dark room with this app on is annoying with as bright as it is ATM. If I close my eyes even for a minute and the chimes go off, I am blinded by your glowing whiteness. How is that for not being able to act quickly to your app?

Also, I have automatic pop-up on my phone, doesn’t work, all I get is a 5 sec notification at the top. But, Dark Mode is way more important as I keep my tablet on with the app up and it blinds anyone in the chairs that sit near me and they ask me to turn it off, making it useless.

On the “Camera” Screen, is where the Dark Theme is needed. It looks like you have exactly what is needed on “Event History Timeline.”

Screen Rotation added to “Cameras” screen, I hate to have my tablet set up sideways to see the screen.

With the “Event History Timeline”, again spot on with the color scheme here, HOWEVER, it would be nice to have the two current screens made into one. By this I mean, in order to see the timeline “dots” below is one screen that makes you turn the tablet sideways, again. It would be nice if the full screen, horizontal view, simply let you see the full screen or with a touch of the finger a slightly smaller video with the timeline below it. ATM the horizontal image only show the full screen video and to see the timeline by date you have to go back the the vertical view. Why?

Also, why does the tablet app have a setting to set off motion detection for human sized object, but my phone app does not? Maybe the tablet has an older app, if that is the case, please find a way to bring size of an object back as an option.

The phone app has distance and frequency, but not size. My mail man will not set off the motion alarm, but a neighbor’s cat will.??


When you star a Ring video clip, allow a short memo to be associated with it.

Makes identifying the starred video much easier.


If you have multiple motion sensors on your property, you know what happens when your gardener (or any worker) works around your house. You must “Pause” each Ring device, one-by-one.

It would be very helpful to have one, or both of the following two features added to the Ring App:

1.) A “Pause All” button - to pause all motion sensors with one click. Still using the selectable time-frame.

2.) A “Mute” button - enabling the motion sensors to continue to operate, but mute the notification noise for all of them, for a selectable period of time.

Ideally, the above two features could work on the phones, as well as PC’s and Mac’s.


Awesome requests everyone! @Mr_DC I’ve moved your wish list items over to this apps feature request board, so they can be shared with the others. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Thank you @Marley_Ring!
I did not know there was an apps feature request board.

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After my Wife doing a suprise 40th birthday party for me she said to me that there needs to be a way to disarm a camera so she can sneak in a cake or something. LOL


Thanks for the feedback & Happy Birthday @veener79 :slight_smile:

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Would be great to have a still image in the notification when the door bell is pressed.


It would be nice if the App was available on TV operating systems like WEBOS. This would allow the ability to be watching TV and check an alert and video directly on the TV screen.


It would be very useful to have the doorbell optionally play a pre-recorded message after a few rings without an answer. That way, the doorbell could almost act like a sort of voicemail. I think some other devices similar to Ring have this feature, and it’d be cool for Ring to have it as well.


Thank you Ring Development for acting on my suggestion so quickly (see attached jpg file of new button). It’s a great help…at least for me. Hopefully for others too. ?


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Not strictly IOS or Android, but would be great if you could have the option to automatically show the live feed of a camera (when motion is detected of doorbell is pressed) on the Echo Show or Fire TV. Would be even better if you could schedule when that happens.


I would like to see the ability to schedule an announcement when motion detected. The announcement would says that recording has been activated. This would act as an additional deterrent in case a potential burglar hasn’t noticed a camera. It may not always be obvious there is a camera. Especially when you have two bright lights from the flood light.


Is the Mute all button being rolled little by little to users? I have seen it noted on redit, but I still do not see it on my phone.

I don’t see a way to password protect Ring on my cell phone. I do not & cannot use a phone password for various reasons.

I’d like to see when I click on the icon, require a pin each time I open the app. (Unless it is already open). If this is already in place, I can’t seem to find it. Please tell me where to find it so I can activate it.

A flaw in the Ring app.

I sat at my dining room table going to everything that I could see on the app & even all settings. I could remove a divice with no problem or disable it. However, if I lost my phone & a dishonest person gets it, if they figure out or know where I live, they can deactivate or remove all of my devices & gain access to the house.


Ideally, there would be a toggle that I can disable recording. Right now, I have to click through 3 layers to get to motion settings and then disable “motion zone”. There has got to be a better solution. When my wife and I sit on the deck in the evening I have to keep turning off the spotlight until I googled how to disable it.