Ring App Feature Request

Hello, a few weeks ago I notice that the icons in my (android) status bar have changed. It used to be that the icon triggered by a motion alert was a person walking and the icon for a doorbell ring was a bell. Now they are both big rounded-edge rectangles (with the word “ring” inside them but so tiny it’s virtually invisible). I can’t imagine why somebody thought it would be a good idea to change the informative icons into a big white rectangle. Please revert. Thanks!

PS: One more change you made, on the Dashboard, the “Neighbors” tile, it used to be that if there were new events, the text was red, otherwise “0 new events” was black. Now it’s always red and I actually have to read the tiny number to see if there’s anything new there or not. Please go back to only having red text if there are really new events. Thanks again.

Hi, when I’m reviewing my recordings in my Event History on my android phone, if I’m trying to view the videos from a while back, I scroll down to find the one I want, I look at it, then when I press Back to go back to the list (because most likely I want to see the chronologically next video), the app goes back to the top (most recent) in the Event History. This is very annoying; please do not scroll the list after I return from viewing a video, leave the list right where it was so I can easily select the next adjacent video without having to scroll down and try to find where I was just at. Thanks!

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I wish there was a way to prioritize a ringing doorbell notification. If there is a motion notificaiton right after someone presses my doorbell then it overrides the doorbell notification.

I feel this app needs to allow us to view more than just one camera at a time. If I’m looking at 1 camera and have another go off… I have at least a 12 second delay. and I know it’s not my internet/wifi… I have a dedicated monitor for CCTV and am trying a floodlight intergration route. I feel multi view mode is very important to maintaining 360 degree view of my surroundings. Not that I’m paranoid or anything. But it’s nice to know while you’re out and about… Neh??

So as not to create multiple threads…

A couple more things I think will be great for the us, the end user:

The ability to implement an auto matic alarm for it’s own specific range threshold… something an attacker would believe is a regular full on security system. I can’t be the only one that is a hard sleeper in this world… orientation is very hard before coffee… and for me to wake up in the middle of a sleep… Blasphemy…!!

While we set up our motion detection zones, the ability to touch on the line and add more points of movable intrests, a smaller more defined threshold of contact areas, and more options while only being limited to 3 zones per camera. even if it is a plus feature… but if it is let me know and I’ll change my opinion…

Not much we can do about the current technology. But the pixellation in the outside corners of the camers is pretty grand.

I recall the older (pre-1990’s) floodlight motion sensors being able to pick up a frog hopping across the backyard at 30 feet away… while still ignoring the bugs/dust… Maybe implement some of that technology into the new tech??

We need more control at the Computer… Way more processing power that any phone on the market… A little more effort into the computer app would be appreciated… You are truely limited to basic functions while you have more available to you at a computer…

For the next model. The infrared is way to jumbled together… Ye’s it’s a spot beam but if you look at it in night mode it has a bit of room to spread for the same amount of IR LEDs…

This is a review and thought about the Ring Floodlight Camera from an individual not affiliated with the company. All opinions are my own of the product and not that of another corperation. Just an outside look of an individual that thinks security and how to make it better.


This was a message meant for Requested Features… :frowning:

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I would like to be able to schedule several things in the Ring Alarm.

GE Plug In Outdoor Smart Switch. The App allows manual on off, but you can’t set up a schedule (e.g. on at dusk off at midnight).

Would also like to be able to schedule Ring Floodlight on at dusk.

Would like to schedule alarm arming at a specific time.

Also, it wold be nice if light switches were made available on the “Home” screen with the Alarm arming options and camera views instead of having to dig into the alarm devices.


I’ve moved these outstanding requests over to our feature request thread to ensure all of these stay in one place, for neighbors and for our team to see.

@tx_mountaineer In regards to GE switches and scheduling, Alexa routines will allow your devices to respond to the time of day, if a Doorbell is rung or senses motion for instance. An Alexa device is not required for this as the Alexa app is capable of carrying out these routines. However, there is no feature which changes the state of the switch based off of the Alarm mode, nor can a routine be made based off of security state (Disarmed, Home, Away), at this time.

@JohnDoe @tx_mountaineer Consider these requests shared with the team, and thank you all for sharing with the Community :slight_smile:

I often need to scan through a video clip. In vertical view it’s pretty easy with the big slider, but in the horizontal view you have to try to grab the little dot moving across the bottom before it disappears. Can you make the dot bigger so it is easier to grab?


I would love to have a RING mobile device for my car. Do you have any plans for a mobile device for the future?

R. Ogbourne

Thanks for the suggestion, @ropaswan ! Let’s move this to our ‘Feature Request’ board. We’ll be sure to share your feedback with the team!

Hey @Mason345 ! This is a great request, so I’ve moved it over to our feature request board where it can be seen by our team along with other requests. We appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

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GREAT! Vehicles today also have WIFI capabilities so yes if this can happen this would be AMAZING! Also a new line on helping to stop crime! I’m so excited! I hope it works out SOON! This can open the doors to so much! I.E…companies with work vehicles, government officials vehicles and employee vehicles, schools and daycare vehicles (we can see if a child is still on the bus! Inside video and outside!) The list is long for the possibilities! Also have you all thought about offering a ring device in the rooms of seniors living in hospital care so the family can check on them anytime? Sorry but there is just so much you can do with a RING device! ?

I love that you give the ability to add multiple motion zones, however, it would be extremely helpful to be able to customize the alerts based on zone.

For example, I want to be able to set one zone that captures all motion, all the time, but I do not care to receive alerts, just the recording. I also want to only receive alerts when motion is detected on my porch.

The problem currently is if I set the motion zone to the whole picture, I get bombarded all day with alerts. If I set the motion zone to just my porch, I might miss something occuring outside that zone. I undersetand if I set it to all I can mute/turn off alerts but then if someone comes to my door its likely I will miss it.


When will RBAC be implemented into the app?

As the admin, I would like to allow others to use the app to arm/disarm/panic, but not have access to turn off any functionality or view the event logs.


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Ring Floodlight Feature Request

I would like to add my voice to ask for the feature of being able to turn of camera recording independent of the floodlights. I keep my Ring Floodlight shut off at the local switch as I do not need video of family members and pets clogging up my limited internet. I have installed Homekit enabled switch’s to control the Ring Floodlights power on and off depending on whether we are home or not. The Ring Floodlights switch’s are set to turn on when the last person leaves home and to turn off when the first person arrives home. This mostly works pretty well but we do not have access to the floodlights. We end up using flashlights around the outside of the house after dark so as not to use up all our internet data and for privacy reasons. I would be a happy customer if I could turn the camera part of the ring off independent of the lights. Having the camera’s automatically turning on when the last person leaves the home and turning off when the lst person arrives home independent of the floodlights would be great!!! Please consider making these changes so I do not have to purchase another brand of Security Floodlight. Please let me know if the company has any future plants to deliver these features.

Thanks Ron

Would like to know if number 3 on mattinmd’s post is possibly being looked into. Neighbor across the street recently had a theft and the Sheriff was looking for any possible videos (Just recently installed the outdoor camera so did not have anything).

Would definately like to have it recording for movement on the street for this exact reason but would rather not have it sending alerts.

Would also like to know if there is any plan to allow more access within the ring app than just shared user, would like to give the wife the same access I have.


I really would like this feature - showing a thumbnail per camera in the widgets screen on IOS would be amazing.


2 Requests:

  1. Ability to select and delete an entire day’s recordings … most useful if you don’t look at recordings every day

  2. If you have starred a recording, you go to edit to delete recordings, you can’t see what is starred … you should be able to see starred events to avoid deleting them


I would really like the ability to trigger lights and sirens on multiple devices when viewing a doorbell. I have floodlight cams on side and rear of property, but we’re I to get an alert to an intruder or suspicious person on my doorbell cam, I would have to stop recording them and switch to each of the other devices to activate their sirens and lights.

Also, I would suggest the ability to leave a live view but with recording continuing for a short time after. On a single device, I may want to call the police, but continue to record evidence, and I don’t think that would be possible currently.

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To add to this:
-All of the event histories should be filterable by date range, camera/device and type. This would allow for deletion of selected events/recordings instead of just “Delete All”.

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Great info, neighbors! We’re going to combine this with our App Feature Request board :slight_smile: