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Please add app (launcher) shortcuts to the Android app to allow easy access directly to cameras like the iOS app does with force touch. It’s easy and while it won’t come to all android versions, it would greatly increase the speed in accessing a camera feed directly.

Also, the notification should include the thumbnail photo. There’s no reason why the notification can’t contain the thumbnail that is used to populate the preview tile in the app (briefly, before it refreshes again because you opened the app).


  1. Like other leading seccurity camera’s, one of the features missing from Ring is the ability for the camera to turn on / off the motion recording based on geo location of your mobile. when i’ am at home, i dont want my ring stick up cams to be recording any motion. it should activate once i leave my house.

  2. I want to be able to see the live view through the ring website on a browser.

  3. Sometime i want to go through last few days of videos quickly so a timelapse of all my videos woul be great. I’ am using my ring stick up cam as a baby monitor and dont have the time to go through all the captures from the day one by one. time lapse will allow me to check if everything was in order throughout the day without spending too much time on it.

  4. why i’ am not able to download videos and save for future. i want some of my baby videos to be saved permanently as memories. i dont see this feture anywhere.

  1. Zoom into the recorded videos. i can do this on the live view, but it would be really good if that was possible with recorded videos as well.

  2. face recognitition to not capture motions of known faces.


Hi @vcdxb, thank you for sharing these feature requests in the Community! Regarding #4, you can download individual videos from your Ring devices to keep. This Ring Help Center article about sharing videos has some steps you can follow on iOS or Android, check it out here.


The ability to snooze motion alerts on all cameras (at a location) with one press.

Working in the yard, setting off 6 different cameras for 2 hours - an ios/android user should be able to snooze all of the camera alerts easily - rather than interacting with multiple alerts.


I was very disappointed to learn that rercording cannot be disabled. I have 2 doorbells and 1 stick up cam and just fished mowing the lawn and some yard work. I had 67 recordings. You can disbale motion alerts, but not the recordings. I hope Ring is working on a solution for this. I guess I’ll star pulling batteries.


Thanks for sharing @bampa67 ! This would make for an excellent feature request, so we moved your post to this apps feature request thread, and will certainly be sharing your wishes with the team.


I wish I could create custom tones. Actually what I wish was that there were Vibrations that could be used as an Alert instead of sounds. I need to have my phone muted a lot and a Vibration could help a lot, especially a Vibration different from the normal phone Vibration.

As far as the tones, I have selected tones different than default, but if I close the app (but stay signed in), I get the default tones. Is that normal?

  1. Snooze motion alerts on doorbell for desired time duration when a selected door sensor (ring alarm) is opened.

Use Case: I don’t want an alert each time I step out of my own front door…

  1. Allow this integration from Alexa to control motion alerts and other settings with more home integrations

  2. Why can I not read sensor event information in my external smart home system yet? Needs an API. Right now my ring alarm system is only an alarm, but it has so many potential smart home scenarios…


I have setup a few door bells and a problem I have is I can’t independantly move the car and person zones in the motion settings if I move the slider to cover the entire porch it extends out across the street.

Can you make a ring doorbell app for Ubuntu or Mint or Pop Os ? A number of computers running windows 7 are going to be upgraded to these free operating systems when windows 7 reaches end of life. The really cheap $20USD WyzeCam worked with xnor ai to add human detection and reduce alerts this might be something to look at.


The really cheap $20USD WyzeCam worked with xnor ai to add human detection and reduce alerts


Thank you for sharing! I’ve moved this over to the feature request thread to ensure it makes it to our engineer team. We love hearing everyones wishes, and sharing them with the team, keep 'em coming!

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Need a “snooze lights” feature similar to the snooze motion alerts. Use case: after dark we sit on patio and the lights constantly come on due to our motion. Have to manually go in and turn off the lights motion zones. And then forget to turn them back on. Need a snooze lights feature.


Just wondering with all these ideas get that tossed out to Ring is there a way to help with Beta testing? Before I switched over to Ring I had Arlo cameras and I signed up for a Beta program they had and it was found to be usefull. I have Beta tested for MS for years and years with Windows so it got me thinking if Ring does Beta testing with their customers.


Awesome ideas everyone! Our team is really enjoying seeing the value in these wishes.

@veener79 our beta testing program is invite-only at the moment, however, we will pass your request on to the Beta team for consideration. Thanks for your interest!


One feature I would like to see is the option to see a snapshot of the event that triggered motion on timeline. Xfinity does that and it is nice to be able to glance down at timeline and say, ok that’s the mailman, that’s the wife, this person I don’t know so going to look at this clip, etc…


For iOS app: create Siri Shortcut hooks that allow the Shortcuts app to toggle Motion and Ring alerts as well as start a “Live View”.


Huge IT/tech person here, I would also be interested in Beta testing stuff