Ring App Feature Request

We need a second form of two-factor authentication as a backup BADLY. Consider the following scenario: you are travelling aboard, without access to your USA phone number. You have NO WAY to get your two-factor authentication code!!!


I primarily want # 1, the ability to snooze chimes. I go to work early in the morning and the chimes wake my family.

Currently, I have to go to the Chime settings for the door I’m using and disable it, which is about 4-5 taps.

Then once I am outside I have to remember and do the same 4-5 taps to turn it back on.


I would love for the app to show a screencapture/still of whatever set off the motion detector, because the live-view takes too long to load.

I have a driveway spotlight camera, and get notifications all day long, but usually from stray cats walking by. The app’s live-view takes about 5 seconds to load, so by the time I can see it, the cat has moved on and not visible. So I have wait for the video to process completely to watch and confirm what caused the notification. I’ve started a work-around, which is, instead of clicking on the notification, I go into the ring app to see the last screen shot on my dashboard. That way I can see very quickly what triggered the notification without waiting minutes for the video. It would be wonderful if the notification itself showed a screengrab like this, or that it gave the option to click through to see a screengrab, to avoid missing the action while the video processes, and to save having to do the workaround which is a few steps more for my fingers! Thanks!


I know Ring beta testing program is invite-only at the moment,

I definitely think your beta tester should be more representative of your actual customers because I’m not sure if you are getting enough useful feedback on your product so you can make any necessary adjustments before your app launches that targets real users.

Beta testers hold all of the valuable information you need when it comes to improving your product and to make sure you don’t disabled features that everybody relays on especially after the new iOS update that disabled the pinch to zoom on live view.


It would be great to have a more useful alarm dashboard. An alternating message stream giving me the list of sensors that are open isn’t very helpful. How about a grid with indicator lights (red/green) with options for showing by room or by sensor type. You could also provide a list of open sensors instead of the flashing messages.

Obviously, this won’t all fit on a screen with a camera thumbnail, which is why I’d like the dashboard to be configurable, so I can decide what I want to see where. Perhaps a two page dash, which can be used by swiping.


My guess at least half of all ring users are Apple device users,
The competition allows you to view and monitor your cameras for years from an Apple TV app. Now that the Apple TVs are iOS based in TvOs And Apple TV app is a needed edition. Software apps are how users interact with the hardware they have purchased, apps now rule the world and allow us to do anything. This ecosystem of ring.com needs an Apple Watch app for alarm/cameras and an Apple TV app to allow users to monitor their home security.


I keep getting alerts when my dogs are out in the yard. I tried setting up the motion zones so that they are high enough that the dogs don’t get noticed. But I’m still getting the alerts. Here is my request.

  1. have a red box or something track the items where ring is detecting motion

  2. Allow the motion zone to be superimposed over videos or live stream so that you can better adjust your zones to avoid common motion.



Love the ability to add lights and switches to the Ring Alarm System. It would be really useful to add status and ability to turn on and off from the Dashboard Screen vs having to drill down to the alarm devices screen. IOS user. Thanks


Under “Device Health” the power section should indicate if the battery is charging or not and include an estimate of how long before it’s completely charged. I attached a screen shot of the app and I circled the power section where the battery charging information should be added.

I have my Ring Spotlight Cam Battery hooked up to a solar panel so it would be nice to know when the battery is charging and how long it will take to completely charge.


Hi I have just moved into a new build and the address and postcode does not appear to be in the ring system for my set up. How do we get new addresses added to the ring list of addresses?

Would like to be able to pin other devices to the dashboard in addition to Cameras. Have Accessories that work with Ring like Lights that would be nice to Access Faster. Also Door Status, etc.

I would b nice if there was an app available for the Apple Watch. Currently it shows the notifications but there is no way to access the video from your Apple watch. Other systems have it, why not Ring Security Systems?


I would like to use Alexa commands to snooze motion alerts. I.e. “Alexa Snooze Front Door Alerts for 5 minutes” so I can go get the mail. Or “Alexa, snooze front door alerts until 3pm” so I can mow the lawn.


So much yes!


The horizontal layout of timeline is absolutely awful! There is a reason Nest decided to make their timeline app scroll vertically. Scrolling vertically is much more intuitive, since we’ve been scrolling vertically in document editors and viewers, web browsers and just about every other app for decades now. Horizontal scrolling is horrible, not only because it’s counter-intuitive, but because it’s so easy to accidentally hit that darn Go Live button! I’ve been making this request since the Ring app first included the feature, but it appears no one thinks it a big enough deal. It IS a big deal and ruins the entire user experience! Please get rid of horizontal scrolling in Timeline and replace it with the more sensible, intuitive and user-friendly vertical scrolling. Thanks!

Another thing i would like is the ability to refresh the snapshot of my lights to show their current view either for each light one at a time or all at the same time. It needs to do it in such a way that it does not alter the current light state.

What about an Apple TV app where you can monitor the front door? That would be nice for a babysitter as well. That way you wouldn’t have to give them 24/7 access to your camera.


I would also love to see a timeline with snapshots.

The main must have is pre-motion recording. Ring needs to buffer 30 seconds or so of the live activity and include that as a lead in when motion is detected. It seems like the record feature on motion only kicks in when there is motion detected. I also have a suspicion that ring is doing the motion detection in the cloud. The inherent delay that puts in would explain why i usually just get the UPS persons backside walking away. This detection has to be done locally with buffering and recording done locally and passes to the cloud as time and bandwidth allows.


I solved virtually all of my problems by switching from a ring doorbell 1 not wired to a Eufy Doorbell and wired it plus upgraded the transformer.