Ring app event history always returns to top when viewing an event, should stay at event being viewd

Hi there, I have an annoying issue with the Ring app. Whenever I look back at events, after closing the recording I am viewing it takes me right back to the top, ie the most recent, event. This is really frustrating when I’m trying to look at all events from a few days ago as I have to view one and then scroll all the way back down from today to find the next one.

I’m just trying to look at all events from two days ago and after every single one it pings me back up to the latest event today and I have to wade back down looking for the one I just viewed. It’s really annoying and makes something simple a real ball ache to do. It should just stay on the one I just viewed everytime.

Is this a known issue? A feature? How do I get it logged with the developers to fix it?
I have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, both Android, but I think my wife’s iPhone does the same.


Hi @Finchy303. Have you utilized the Event History Timeline feature at all? You can turn it on if you do not have it turned on under the Main Menu > Account > Enable Timeline, and then utilizing this may help when going back into your history. I personally tried to test this out on my phone, but I do have an iPhone, and didn’t see it reverting back to the newer videos when viewing an old one. I can get this looked into further for you since I know you’re on Android, but could you please provide a screen recording of this happening so I could have them reference this? :slight_smile:

Yes, I have looked at the event timeline, but that’s not always the easiest to scan back over a few days worth of events and looking back through the event history is sometimes easier. Or at least it should be. Surely it’s not intended to act like that on the event history? Surely anyone would want to return to the event they’ve just viewed everytime and not be sent back up to the top for them to have to scroll back down to find the one they were looking at? Even to star, share or delete, that’s the sort of thing you want to do after looking at an event, but at the moment you look at it, end the video, ping back up to the top, then scroll back to try to find it to star, share, delete, look at the next etc.

Do any of these posts go to Ring support? I believe that is an error in the app that needs resolving - how do I log that?

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@Finchy303 Totally understand! Just wanted to offer the Timeline view in case you didn’t know about it. For your case, you are indeed right. This is not the kind of experience we want our neighbors having with the app’s interface. In the Ring Community, while we are not a direct line to support for your individual account and devices, we can get matters escalated up when we see a lot of neighbors are running into this.

When we escalate up these matters via the Community platform, we do need documentation and evidence of this occurring since we do not have access to your information for your personal Ring account. Therefore, if you could capture a screen recording of this happening, this will help out greatly so I can pass this onto my team to figure out the best next steps. In addition, you can give our support team a call here for immediate support and follow up on your personal account to reach the resolution quickly. :slight_smile:

I’ve taken a video screenshot on my Samsung tablet showing what I mean and uploaded it to Onedrive.
It does this on all our devices; Hauwei Mate 20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab, iPhone X and iPad.

As you can see, I scroll down, look at a video, but as soon as I close the video it goes back to the place for a second, then pings back to the top. Every time. It’s been like it for months, amazed no one has highlighted it before.

@Finchy303 Thank you so much for that screen recording! I had this matter escalated up to the appropriate teams for you so we can look into making improvements to this in the future. Thank you again for taking the time to detail out this experience. After I tried to replicate it on iOS, I didn’t have much luck having the view go automatically back up to the top like you did, so I apologize that you are experiencing this. In the meanwhile, make sure to always keep you app up to date, as any changes will be pushed via app updates in the future. :slight_smile:

Great, thank you. It’s been like it for ages on all our devices, included my wife’s IOS ones. I keep my app very up to date… my wife less so, I tend to do it every now and then when I notice she hasn’t… I’ll check hers for updates

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This issue is so frustrating. Makes no sense for it to go back to the top. I really hope they fix this.

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I am having the same problem

Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 edge

I agree this is not a friendly GUI- and unAmerican type of service.

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disabling the timeline feature didnot fix this issue. it is still not working as intended by RING

Anoyying as all get out…gotta be an easy fix?

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Im dealing with the same thing. Trying to sort out certain events that happend the last few days for the sheriff and animal control due to an aweful neighbor and his aggressive dogs that have been an issue and it keeps resetting to the top of the event history. This is a very badly designed interface issue here…Especially for a service I pay for monthly.