Ring app Dashboard loading forever if logged in to Amazon (Key Delivery)

This issue can be reproduced on my iPhone. I have the Ring security system. I’ve also set up MyQ Garage and Key Delivery in the Ring app before. No VPN was used.

Yesterday, I ordered one product and set it to be delivered using Key delivery on Amazon, but today I found the Dashboard was loading forever. Restarting iPhone wouldn’t help. I then uninstalled, reinstalled, and logged in to the Ring app. The Dashboard could then be loaded normally. However, when I clicked the “Garage” or “Key Delivery” icon on the Dashboard and logged in to Amazon, the Garage icon appeared to be signed in, whereas the Key Delivery icon still showed “Signed Out”, no matter how many times I tried to log in. And when I closed the app and reopened it again, the dashboard then loaded/spun forever. Currently I can only install another Key app from Amazon to configure the Key Delivery.

Is this a bug? Could someone please help on this issue? Thank you so much!

Hey @Ivangelion! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Our team is currently looking into this concern with the Dashboard not loading fully for the Ring app, specifically when Key deliveries are set up for said location. We will make sure to update you all accordingly when this is addressed and we appreciate your patience during this time. :slight_smile:

It’s strange. Yesterday the Amazon Key Delivery item was delivered, and there will be another one that will be delivered tomorrow. And when I tried to log in to Amazon in the Ring app today, it appeared I could successfully log in to Amazon without problems as mentioned in the original post. It correctly shows “1 in Garage” status in the Key Delivery icon in the Dashboard. Don’t know if someone in Ring adjusted something about it. If this happens again, I will report back here. Thank you!

Glad to hear that this is working for you, @Ivangelion!