Ring app crashes

My Ring app crashes immediately when it starts on iOS 3.3. The Rapid Ring works fine.

I thought about deleting and reinstalling, but I’d probably lose all of my data. What about offloading, and then redownloading? There is no error message to indicate what the issue is.

Having the same issue. Used to work fine but recently installed a Mesh WiFi system to improve signal strength and ever since then the clicking on the “tap to go live” crashes the app. It doesn’t happen with the ring doorbell. I am curious as to why only the Ring Camera causes this.

Everything else works. Can see a video of motion events both in the app and online but tapping on the most recent view causes the app to vanish without any explanation or error messages.

Hey neighbors! Removing and reinstalling the app on your mobile device is a great first step. Your recordings (if subscribed) and settings are saved to your account so nothing will be lost by doing this. Please also ensure there are no 3rd party apps or things like bluetooth or VPNs enabled that might conflict with the app or streaming a video. If this concern persists, and you’ve confirmed your mobile device connection is sufficient, please share an example or screen recording of this occurring.


That’s the first thing I tried. Unfortunately, the same result. App vanishes when touching the clicking on the ring spotlight camera but not the doorbell as the uploaded screen captures show.

I disabled my VPN and that didn’t resolve the issue.

Hey @DaVoran, just to make sure, you deleted the Ring app from your phone, rebooted your phone (turned it off/on) and then redownloaded the app, and it’s still doing this? You will want to make sure you are doing the reboot of the phone as it helps clear any cache leftover from the app so it’s a fresh and brand new download when you power your phone back on. If you’ve done this, then thank you! Just for our information to pass this on to the appropriate team, does this happen on any other device, such as a tablet or any other phone you could be logged into? Additionally, could you let me know what version of iPhone and iOS you’re running.

@davidp Thanks for disabling your VPN to see if that addresses this. Have you already done the removal, reboot, and re-add of your Ring app as I’ve laid it out for @DaVoran? If you have not, please try that, and then let me know your answers to the same questions I’ve asked this neighbor so I can also pass it on if the concern still persists for you as well. Thank you both! :smiley_cat:

I didn’t delete the phone from my phone yesterday. Just now I deleted the app, rebooted the phone, and reinstalled the app. It is working normally now.

Thank you.

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For the devs: There appears to be an install issue related to this bug. I experienced this bug as well and I also noticed the App download did not install properly. It was noticable becase the App was not listed in my available apps, I needed to search for it. Which leads me to believe this is an install issue.

I uninstalled/reinstalled (not reboot) and the App was showing up properly however the “live preview” crash was still present. I also experienced a number of “Weak phone signal” messages when in “Live View”.

Once I uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled all of these problems resolved. No weak signals, no crashes when reviewing footage. Hope this helps!

Andriod 8.0.0


I just bought the ring doorbell2 a few days ago and I’ve yet to set it up because the app crashes at connecting it to the internet. I disconnected my WiFi and closed all apps And restarted my iPhone 7 but it doesn’t help ??? Gonna try to set it up on my Mac but that defeats the purpose when I’m away.

So my Ring notification on my phone (i assume the app) keeps ‘going to sleep’. i.e. it works for a while then stops doing so and i have to go back into the app to ‘wake it up’ - how do i stop this happening as I am worse off than I was without it, right now wishing i had stuck with my door knocker!

oh and to add to my previous post, I have already had 1 hour 20 mins on the phone with a Ring support person - this has made zero difference