Ring App crashes on Android

All of today the app crashes and will not allow you to view previous videos or even live view.

uninstalled and reinstalled and same problem. Only started to happen today

please note that this only happens with the door bell 3. indoor cam it works fine

Hi @Chaaskul! Removing and reinstalling was a great step to take. Have you tried on wifi only connection, and on mobile data connection only, on your mobile device? Please also try closing other connections that are enabled such as bluetooth, vpn, and hot spot, to optimize processing for the Ring app.

It is unusual to hear this only happens for one device in your Ring app, however, a device should not impact the apps performance on your mobile device in this nature. I recommend checking for anyapps that might conflict with the Ring app. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:


just started normal operation on Sunday. did nothing other than re-installed and took battery out for 10 mins. can’t figure out why the indoor cam worked but not door bell.


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