Ring App (android) on your PC

Got a new laptop about a week ago that game with an App Center for Android that allows you to use Android based games, apps, etc on your PC.

Well I thoght I’d give the Ring App a try, as it has more features then the Windows App, and low and behold works just like the one on my phone.

So I tried it on one of my other systems using a similar program and it works as well.

For those that may be interested in this option, I would suggest Googling “Androind Apps on PC” There are many options out there for proigrams that allow Android Apps to run on your PC.

A word of warning though: I would highly suggest if your PC is on 24/7 have a lockscreen set with a password, and set your screensaver to on and have it ask for a password when it deactivateas. As anyone could easily disarm your system should they break in and get access to your PC, especially if it’s on and the Ring App is open.

So hopefully this helps those that want a better version then the Windows App.

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