Ring app 3.37 live view not activating

I have a one plus 7 pro with android 10 and when the phone updated to the ring app version 3.37 the live view would no longer activate, it would stay stuck in the activating device screen and never display the live feed.

I would then notice that after exiting it would add the uploaded live view feed to the event timeline and you could see the video footage that would not show when it would be stuck in the activating camera loop.

My current solution was to roll back the application back to version 3.35 and this allowed me to properly view my camera live video feeds again.

Is this something that can be investigated, because I currently have the ring app set to not auto update itself in the play store so that it doesn’t install the 3.37 version that’s breaking the live view on my phone. I would hate to be stuck in this version and miss future updates and upgrades to the ring platform.

Thank you for your time.

Thanks for leading me in the right direction even though it’s not exactly a good fix. Just bought a ring 3 plus. My wife’s Pixel 5 works without issue and my OnePlus 8T could see live view in the ring app. Worked fine in the rapid ring app. I rolled back to 3.35 and now I can see live view fine in ring app.

Hopefully this gets investigated.

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