Ring and supported locks

I thought I’d pass along some of the information I found while trying to find a deadbolt lock to work with Ring. I tried 3 different locks this weekend, and finally settled on one, but had to spend some time with customer support (who were helpful) to answer a couple of questions along the way.

First, the Products->WorksWithRing page (https://shop.ring.com/collections/smart-home-automation) lists 4 locks that are certified with Ring and that you can buy through the Ring website. However, there are many other locks that are certified with Ring, and you can find them listed here: Full List of Ring Certified Locks

The majority of the locks listed there are Z-Wave, which among other things, means that they will connect to your Ring alarm base station directly:

  • You will be able to do things like have the alarm armed/disarmed automatically when you lock/unlock the deadbolt.

  • The Ring app dashboard will show lock status and a button that lets you lock/unlock the lock.

  • To add the lock to your system from your Ring app, you go to SetUpADevice->Locks->ConnectViaRingAlarm, and it’s fairly painless.

The exception to this is the Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt (BE489WB) (Currently the page has a typo and lists it as BE498WB). This lock does NOT connect to your Ring base station. It instead connects to your Ring doorbell, and it is meant to be used with Amazon Key.

  • The only way to view the status of the lock is to go to your doorbell’s video feed, and there will be a button in the lower left that shows the status of the lock and lets you toggle it - You can’t see the lock status in your dashboard.

  • To connect the lock you have to go to SetupADevice->Locks->ConnectViaKeyByAmazon. You then download and configure the Key By Amazon app, add the lock to it, and connect it to you doorbell.

  • This lock is meant to allow Amazon to make deliveries into your home by you watching them on camera and unlocking your front door for them.

  • I found this lock to be much less useful in the Ring system than a Z-wave lock.

I tried 3 locks:

Schlage Smart Start Z-Wave plus deadbolt(BE468ZP). This one worked well and installed, configured easily. One feature it lacked was a lock button on the touchpad (so you could shut the door when leaving, and push one button to lock the door).

Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt (BE489WB). This one took awhile to configure because I didn’t realize that it requires going through the Key by Amazon app. After getting it setup and realizing that it doesn’t allow direct communication through the Ring App I returned it.

Kwikset Smart Code Z-Wave deadbolt (916TRL). This installed and configured quickly. It has the single-press lock key on the touchpad, and the Ring app has a button on the dashboard showing its status. Because of this, and the fact that my other house locks are Kwikset, so I can key them the same, I’m sticking with this one.

None of these have bluetooth to allow the lock to unlock automatically when my phone gets near it, but I can live without that.


Hi @jkyoung, thank you for sharing your experience with these locks here in the Community, we appreciate this insight and information! So happy you found the lock that worked best for your set up. Regarding the model number listed, this should be updated now. Thank you for making us aware of this.