Ring and SmartThings

I noticed that SmartThings has a hub that says it works with IRIS and Ring. I tried it for my IRIS thermostat but it didn’t work (I don’t have a C wire). I did not check to see if the ST hub worked with my other IRIS sensors and accessories because the T-stat was the main reason I was trying it. Best Buy has it for $70. Might be worth a try before tossing all your IRIS stuff.

I have Ring and Smart Things and have some level integration between the two. The version one Iris stuff will not work (Door sensors, motion, plugs). I was able to get my thermostat to work and some gen 2 Iris stuff.

Hi @ghvz1 and @SonofLiberty82 ! I am happy you both were able to connect in the introductions section. I moved this thread over to the Integrations board because I think it is a great conversation and we would like others to join. Having it in the dedicated board will help others to find it, which is why I also updated the subject to “Ring and SmartThings” as well.

Thank you for these great topics!

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