Ring - almost nothing works!

I was in a hurry before a trip and installed a fairly comprehensive security kit from Ring. I have 4 Stick up battery cameras, a security kit ( 4 contact sensors, base unit, motion detector, keypad, extender), and a Video doorbell wired with a chime, and another pack of two contact sensors. I had everything working except the doorbell which was just spotty.

But since I left I have had the following - doorbell went off for two days solid and thing came back with occasional snapshot images - never a motion. Detection. There is a chime close to the doorbell and my signal is -59.

I fully charged the batteries for the cameras and all were working well. I turned off motion and decided to just just them for live view since the entries are covered by the contact sensors. After about 18 hours one of the cameras battery died- after charging for about 8 or more hours! At least the others were fine - until all except one are now getting streaming errors and will not give live view or detect motion - and the one is still showing live view the one that is furthest away from the router and had a strength of -57, so it can’t be signal strength ( the malfunctioning ones both have signals of -36).

Finally one of the contact sensors reported it was “tampered” while I was installing it and that message never left.

So right now I have basically nothing that works- before I send the whole bunch back I thought I’d ask if anyone knew how to restart all of this remotely? The app expects me to push a button on the doorbell to to rest it - LOL!

PS I will say it was easy to physically install most of the devices!

Hi there, @GDI! Upon completing your first time installation, your Ring devices will likely go through an update and will be adjusting or configuring it’s parameters and any settings you’ve fine tuned. During this time, an efficient connection to your network is imperative and some functionality of your Camera may not resume in consistency until this process is complete. Live view attempts during this process can prolong the time it takes for updates and initial connection to complete successfully, depending on signal.

Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing signal strength. For any battery powered Ring devices, please bring them inside near the router, connect them to your main network, and test their functionality there. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Yes I waited for all devices to update successfully before using them. I can do everything under the sun with my wifi - I actually work occasionally in an out building and can stream video with no problem. So it isn’t a network issue - just unreliable devices, IMO.

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