Ring Alexa Skill - Motion Snooze - Integrations Feature Request

This feature seems like it should have been part of the Alexa integration from the beginning. What is the point of only snoozing notification on your mobile device if the reason you bought a Ring doorbell was that it connects to all of the Alexa devices in your house.

It’s driving me crazy too

This is by far my top feature request. It would unlock so much functionality for me. Right now, for whatever reason you can create a routine to snooze motion alerts on the floodlight cam, but not the doorbells or regular cameras. I’d like to have a little remote by the doors that can Snooze the camera in front of that door via IFTTT. This would be possible if a simple voice command on Alexa could do it.

Voice commands can change modes at least, so alternatively “custom modes” (which is a separate feature request on here with a lot of votes) could allow people to solve this indirectly by setting up voice triggered routines that switch to their custom modes.

It would be nice if there was the ability to snooze or disable alerts from Alexa just like the app.

We have a puppy who we try to get to sleep whilst we’re working, usually successfully - but when someone comes to the house and rings the doorbell, it wakes him and he doesn’t get back to sleep!
We’d like a simple routine or instruction we can give Alexa to snooze the doorbell ring for say an hour, 2 hours etc.
Is there a workaround even if Ring/Amazon haven’t already figured this one out?

Please make the motion alert snooze apply to Alexa notifications. It is beyond annoying to get announcements from Alexa devices when they are not wanted, such as when mowing the lawn, kids playing, etc. This type of request has been made by numerous others and is a popular point of frustration for ring users as reported in online forums. It has been brought up on numerous occasions but not addressed by ring.

This is old- but appears unresolved. I’ll resurrect to share you can create an Alexa routine. I have mine set up to where I say “Alexa, shut up” and she responds, “Fine, I’ll go away for 30 minutes”. The action I set up is in Notifications - Enable do not disturb for 30 minutes. This time can be adjusted to your preference.


This is probably the closest thing we’ll get. I just created a routine as well. I have Alexa speak to me to let me know do not disturb has been enabled for xxx minutes. Works like a charm.

As far as I can determine only lights can be added to ring groups.

This means I can’t use Alexa to snooze both my front door video doorbell and my driveway floodlight cam with one simple voice command. Telling Alexa to Snooze the “Front Yard” should include all front yard devices that send notifications not just lights.

Would be really helpful every day when I walk outside to work on my yard daily.