Ring Alexa Skill - Motion Snooze - Integrations Feature Request


Can you please let us know where this is on your roadmap? The fact there’s no way to snooze the alerts on Echo devices really is ridiculous, and what’s far more ridiculous, is that customers have been clamoring for this seemingly-simple functionality for over a year, and yet you seem to be all-but-ignoring these requests. Please tell us a) has this feature request been accepted by your Product Manager or whoever manages your features for your Alexa integration, and b) if so, when is it estimated to be addressed? This is a major nuisance. Thanks!


Maximillian C.
Ring and Amazon Echo Customer


The programming for the Ring Pro seems VERY screwed up when it comes to ECHO interactions. I have been fighting to get an existing chime to work with the Ring Pro for several weeks. When I hired an OnTech person to ‘solve’ my installation problem, they said I needed a replacement digital chime even though the model I have was on the compatibility list. When I decided that I didn’t want every device in the house answering the door, I disabled the answer doorbell function for the Ring camera. That stopped the announcements, but now my echo show will not view or answer the front door, BUT now my exisiting doorbell is once again functioning.
Either Ring gets this fixed, or I try someone else to answer the door. I’ve had Echo devices for years and integrated them into other smart devices with no difficulty. This is purely a Ring problem.
For now we’ll use our smart phones to talk to the front door, but that’s not going to last very long. I’ll be returning the Ring very soon to the place I bought it, and I’ll be warning everyone I know about this ridiculous excuse for code.

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Is there any movement on this!?

RING - PLEASE AT LEAST SAY SOMETHING. Like maybe - making the Alexa integration respect the Ring Mobile app’s snooze is as difficult as landing on the moon. Or maybe - quantum physics has not progressed enough for us to develop such a difficult integration.

Some intelligent person at Ring had the deep thought that being able to silence the notification on your single phone at certain times would be really helpful. Being able to silence a house full of devices - not so much.

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I don’t know if it’s worse that you chastised a user for asking a question, or that you did it by pointing to a useless thread that offers no solutions, and merely shows how many more complaints there are.

Perhaps you miss that one of the primary reasons that people get the camera in the first place is to get notified when somebody is detected at the times they want to be notified. Your company seems to treat the most fundamental obstacles to use as special requests.

If my gardener shows up, I don’t want to hear announcements for the next half hour that he’s walking past the side door, and then he’s walking past the back door, and he’s at the side again. Going into the Alexa app and switching off the notifications one by one, and then having to remember to turn them on again one by one is not a solution.

Here’s a suggestion. Have your staff look at what the competition is doing. Then have them ask people why they would want to buy your products if you won’t take care of something that the competition will. This is far from the only such issue. If the workaround is to get rid of Ring products and look for another system, just tell us.


I reached out on Twitter, was the only way to get some response:

Not overly helpful but better than nothing. I guess the lesson is to forget about this platform, use Twitter instead…? Unfortunately this forum app won’t let me post the whole conversation but this gives you the gist.


How is this not fixed yet?

When I try to set snooze schedules on Alexa, Ring Alerts get disabled completely.
When I try to set snooze alerts on Ring, Alexa does not give two :poop:


So it’s July 2021, and this issue remains as far as I can ascertain.

If anyone has some user tips on how to rapidly resolve this because it seems evident that Ring themselves have abdicated any responsibility for providing a solution.

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Have you not realised?
There is no roadmap for this feature. It is a resounding “NO”.

The integration with Amazon echo is intended to encourage you to buy Ring products, thinking all those echos you invested in, will have a good use.

They want you to buy the Ring bell units (which of course completely undoes the point of having a smart Doorbell).

The only language they will understand, is if people stop buying them, or Daddy Amazon instructs them to implement the feature.

This feature is barely a day’s work for the developer. You are all being strung along. I personally will not be wasting any more money on Ring products - ever. And I will cancel my ring cloud subscription at the end of the year when I replace the doorbell with a better one that does what it’s supposed to do.

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September 2021. I found this, when looking for this same problem (new to the Ring). I see the admonishment from staff after this first post, and yet - NOTHING has been done, and their link to whatever forum they want us to use, is non-functioning.
The whole purpose of this was for using it with my Alexa devices, and I run business from home. There is no “routine” for my occasional need to turn off these notifications, and the lack of response is deeply disappointing. Perhaps I should have bought some other company’s doorbell. :frowning_face:

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Nov 19 and this still hasn’t been addressed. It’s almost Nov 2021. 2 years and this hasn’t been addressed!


With only 2 votes it doesn’t surprise me that Ring hasn’t done any development work on a feature no one seems to want.

I, too, want this feature. Alexa announces motion hundreds of times a day. It is really obnoxious. I can configure to turn it off, but then I don’t have the announcements when I need them. I want to snooze the announcements.

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Would also like to see this. Just got an Alexa… Coming from a Google Home system. Love the feature but have to be able to snooze it here and there.

I have 6 Alexa shows and 4 dots that I will be selling on eBay if anyone is interested as I can not take the constant announcements of motion or a person detected anymore. I have waited patiently for a fix and seems they don’t care. Not only are they losing me as a customer but also their 99.00 video storage I pay. Good bye Ring, maybe one day you will listen to your customers

Still nothing?

Im considering returning my 3 ring doorbells and 5 echo devices as this is a complete deal breaker. The sole reason I bought these is the integration between the two. I work in software development. This is an oversight, plain and simple, and one that should be easy to resolve.

I wont recommend alexa/ring products until this is addressed.

This is driving me nuts that Alexa keeps announcing alerts even though I have snoozed alerts in the Ring app. Seriously? Why hasn’t this been addressed?? With all the technology now you would think this would be an easy fix and something that many would appreciate to have fixed


Still no update on this @Chelsea_Ring @Marley_Ring come on people lets push this one through.

Ring doorbell 2. Obviously motion notifications are not necessary during the day but at night they are crucial. I set a schedule using the app to deactivate motion alerts during the day but it still triggers the alert on 10 Alexa devices I have round the house! Because of this my wife disabled this feature without telling me and last night we were robbed! Thanks a bunch Ring! There is an entire thread you have ignored on this for over a year. You only care about new customers but not existing and because of this I will be switching to another product. The Police who took a witness statement today said they have had this happen before and were critical about your product because of this known issue you won’t rectify. Terrible company. Take a look at me getting robbed while fast asleep in bed because you didn’t bother addressing the issue.

That’s terrible. I hope you got the punks.