Ring Alarm Z-Wave issue: Ring shouldn't try remove failed node by itself

I have Ring Alarm (as secondary controller) joined my existing z-wave network. Everything (ring and non-ring devices) works fine, except one thing: Ring z-wave controller is keeping removing my battery powered (non-ring) devices.

By battery device I mean the non-FLiRS battery device (sleeping device)

To reproduce:

  1. Prepare a z-wave controller (with S2 support, I’m using z-way)
  2. Add ring alarm as a secondary controller (Z-Wave Protocol -> Learn Mode)
  3. Include a sleeping device to primary controller
  4. Wait several days (in my last case, 10 days)
  5. The sleeping device is disappeared from primary controller

From the zniffer, it looks exactly like running a “Remove Failed” on a battery device:

  1. Ring alarm sends multiple NOPs to the device with no ACK (of course, the device is sleeping)
  2. Ring alarm send a message to primary controller (Command Class 0x0D, parameter is the node id of the sleeping device)
  3. Primary controller logged that the sleeping device was removed

I suspect this is because ring alarm didn’t query the sleeping device and doesn’t know it’s sleeping. I would also guess that if I initiate the inclusion from Ring, it will probably query the node properly and get Wakeup CC Report.

But ideally, the ring alarm shouldn’t try to remove a node on its own (especially when joined as secondary).

Thank you for sharing your feedback on this, @gongtao0607! The Ring Alarm is not intended to be used as a secondary controller, and in this use case could impact your Alarm functionality. At this time, we advise only using Alarm for it’s intended purpose, especially when Professionally Monitored, for the most optimal and intended experience.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add any requests for Alarm in our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

@gongtao0607 Did you ever get this fixed. I’m running Home Assistant with Zwave JS and trying to add Ring to my existing network. I can’t even get it connected, but not sure I want to either if it’s going to be a problem.