ring alarm system, no cameras which monitoring do I,use?

Hi Guys, a UK newbie here…

I have set up my Ring alarrm system and it works fine, the questionis do i need to subscribe to one of the plans so that my alarm will phone my mobile should the alarm go off?

It looks to me that the only option for phone calls is the protect plus, but I dont have any ring cameras on the system.

Surely I dont have to pay for the PLUS monitoring just to get my phone to ring me when the alarm goes off, do I?

Or is ‘assisted monitoring’ the way to get phone calls in the event of an alarm and does t cost money?

Thanks for looking, any help wouldbe gratefully received.


Hey @Homelyn. Happy to help with this concern! In order to get the phone call services and utilize our assisted monitoring option, you will have to get the Plus Plan. Although, you will still get push notifications (and even email alerts if you wish) whenever your Alarm is going off. You can even have these alerts programmed in your phone to override any Do Not Disturb on your phone, which can help in situations where you know you need this alert.

You can get notifications of when you Ring Alarm is alarming, the status of your devices and Base Station, and other customizable alerts under the Alarm Alerts section in your Settings. For monitoring, you will be in Self monitoring, but you will still be getting those alerts when something goes down, that way you’re in the know! :slight_smile: